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Moshi Series 8 countdown day 6: Threddie gets darned

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So, its a new beginning, and we are starting our countdown in this brand spanking new week on day 7 of the Moshis Series 8 countdown, and we have the wonderful Threddie the Thockity Wock to present to you today

Moshi Series 8: Threddie

This is one of my personal favourites – Threddie can’t talk too well because he always has a mouth full of yarn and cotton – hence the name. He likes to hang around in pairs with his other Thockity Wocks, but sadly keeps losing them, so tends to tie himself to them with the stray threads on his head.

I wonder where this idea comes from? *sock pixie troubles*

Personality: He’s a right softy is Threddie, but he can be a tad naive, and often panics about nothing.

Likes: Sweet feet, and lint

Dislikes: Red underwear and tumbledryers *don’t want to shrink or get dyed naturally*

Chatterbox has taken to talking with a list since she met Threddie, which makes for some interesting conversations I tell you

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Threddie

He is a bit of a firm favourite with us all now – tune in tomorrow for the next Moshi series 8 character – who will it be this time?

Did you like Threddie? Do you lose your socks too and think there is a Pixie stealing them..I do!?!

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