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Advice for kitting out a playroom


With a new batch of toys every birthday and Christmas and a steady trickle of more minor arrivals in between, households with young children can easily become overrun by toys. If you are one of the many parents who are growing a little tired of constantly picking up toys and tidying up mess, you may want to think about turning a room into a playroom. By designating a certain space to being a child’s play area not only do you alleviate other rooms from toy-induced chaos but you also provide a haven for children to play, relax and be stimulated. Having their own playroom also teaches children about boundaries and organisation.

If you want to dedicate a room solely to toys, playing, learning and having fun, then take a look at the following advice for furnishing a playroom so that your child can make the most of his or her own personal space.


Playrooms are designed for holding hordes of toys, dressing up clothes, books and more, and therefore require ample storage to stock everything. Storage put in playrooms should also be accessible for children. Unless you want your youngster to be constantly asking you to reach up for a book or to open a heavy box to get a toy, playroom storage should be child-friendly. Shelves should therefore be within a reachable height for children. Likewise boxes, trunks and chests should be able to be opened with ease and have a soft close mechanism so little fingers do not get trapped.

One of the greatest aspects of storage for children is the myriad of colours, designs, shapes and guises they come in. In fact so beautiful and colourful can storage solutions for playrooms be that children can be thrilled about them as part of their playroom.

Bench boxes

When kitting out a playroom seating arrangements need to be considered. Bench boxes provide a place for little bottoms to sit which, given their dual purpose, saves space as well as somewhere to put toys, games, dressing up clothes or books in.

Bookshelves with storage bins

Not only do these classic pieces of furniture add a touch of elegance to a playroom, but by adding several internal storage bins, toys and other playroom items can be organised enabling children to grasp an understanding of the merits of organisation. Bookcases which allow book covers to be faced outwards enable children to easily choose and take out a book.

Armchairs /Sofas

An armchair designed for children provides a cosy place for little ones to snuggle up and read a book or watch a film. Children’s armchairs come in many different colours and designs and should be chosen to complement the colour scheme or design of the room. Make sure that they are flame retardant and possibly ergonomic in design. Sofas for older children can also turn into z beds so allowing sleep overs and offer a great space saving solution.

Tables & chairs

Tables and chairs are also multi-functional. Not only are they an ideal base for arts and crafts and homework but they can also be used as a place to dine, which may be ideal when friends come over to play. A quaint and hand-painted wooden chair in the shape of an animal or embellished with boats can be charming in playrooms and are guaranteed to thrill and excite little ones. Wooden chairs can sit neatly under desks or benches and being small in size will not take up too much room.


Beanbags can also be a practical addition to a playroom. The very nature of squishy, colourful and comfy beanbags never fails to excite a child and can easily be transported from room to room. By creating a youngster’s own special place to sit, beanbags can help encourage a child to sit quietly and listen to or read a book.


Playrooms can also be a great place for children to draw, write, paint, do their homework or doodle to their heart’s content. Naturally they will require a flat, solid surface in order to draw, paint and write at their best and a desk provides the perfect solution. Similar to chairs and storage boxes, desks designed for playrooms come in many colourful and inventive designs which will make an eye-catching addition to your child’s playroom.

Room accessories

Room accessories like rugs, fabric letters, wall sticker art and height charts all help give a playroom a more personal feel. Splashes of colour in the form of canvas art, fun wall stickers, bunting and home-made art creations can all be introduced to make the playroom a unique and inviting space that children will want to inhabit. 

Designing and kitting out a playroom should be fun and inspiring. The items in a playroom should provide a pleasant balance of encouraging play, creativity, educational stimulus, cosiness and relaxation.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in association with Born to Toddle. The article was also written by them, and edited for inclusion within the site. For a diverse range of high quality furniture, storage solutions and accessories designed for a playroom, visit Born to Toddle’s Playroom Furniture. Also go to our Pinterest boards for more inspiring ideas.

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American Self Storage

Friday 13th of December 2013

Beanbags are the best for kids! It lets them sit comfortably while reading a book or doing homework.

Jack Smith

Tuesday 8th of October 2013

The pictures shows that it looks really fascinating.. Great.. Kids will enjoy the most


Monday 7th of October 2013

Storage is key!!!!

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