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Moshi Monsters Series 9 Countdown #10: Making you want to shell out is…Shimmy

Moshi Monsters Series 9: Shimmy

We are into double figures with out countdown, with day 10 upon us. We say goodbye to Pipsi and hello to the lovely Shimmy; a clam-like creature from deep under the sea. He is, it would appear, a selfish shellfish…


As his species suggests, he isn’t the nicest of the moshlings out and about in Monstro City. They are rather silly little critters and will ask you to do anything in exchange from the magical rainbow pearls that they burp up every now and then. Is it really worth it is what you have to ask yourself?


Rash, petty, puerile.


As they are all lips and very little else, lip balm makes these little moshlins world go around. Valley Mermaids are rather big hits too.


They are a bit worried about being eaten, so aren’t happy to meet those bottom feeders. Lemon pips are also on their “no” list.

Rank – Rarity

162 – Common

We will have another lovely moshling to reveal for you tomorrow. Keep up to date with all our giveaways, advice, and Moshi news by subscribing to the blog. You know you want to!


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