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Moshi Monsters Series 8 countdown day 11: In whizzes Zonkers

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Yesterday we had the delightful nostalgic experience of meeting Jiggles; today we have another rather cute foot-related fella after the joy of Threddie from day 6; Zonkers the bonkers whizzling, who looks remarkably like a roller skate to me…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Zonkers

Not surprisingly, these Moshis favourite past-time is whizzin about in Main Street causing havoc amongst Monstro City’s citizens..however, they are not to be toyed with. Don’t try and pop your foot in them, otherwise you might end up in Moshpital, just like the last hapless Moshi that tried. There are famed for their funky noses, which are there to sniff out fun and frivolity, wherever it may be. Their noses also act as brakes, which is nice.

Personality; they are a wee bit fiesty and giddy, and prone to bouts of ridiculous-ness. Oh, an they move pretty fast too.

Likes: Smooth concrete and retro disco

Dislikes; Moshi’s that don’t use pooper scoopers *I wonder why* and pebbles

This is another of Chatterbox’s favourites, and mine secretly..

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Zonkers

What do you think of Zonkers? Do we like him, less than a week to go now, but don’t miss any more of our Moshi countdown – subscribe to our blog post mailing list!

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