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Moshi Monsters #9: Otto, the fish finger loving fiend

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Moshi monsters series 10: Otto

On day 8, we got a bit nervious with the rather jittery, Ivy, and today, we are still shaking a little, but this time its with the cold, as we welcome Otto to our countdown. He is an Eskimo-like moshling from the frozen wastelands of the Moshi world. Sub zero heroes like to play with anything that involves the while stuff, so Otto can often be seen frolicking about in the snowy mountains, crossing icy wastelands, and chucking snowballs at unsuspecting moshlings.

Otto is a dab hand at building igloos and ice fishing as well, but does seem rather partial to fish fingers as well; so watch out for him hunting for them in your local supermarket aisles. You never know, next time you are out with your mum, there could well be an Otto lurking behind the frozen peas…

Likes: Musky huskies and hotwater bottles

Dislikes: Fingerless gloves and suishi

Tomorrow we are already into double figures in the moshi monsters series 10 countdown; so who will be visting us for day 10? And who is your favourite so far? Be lovely if you can subscribe to the blog for more news on Moshis, advice and general parenting fun too.

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Moshi monsters series 10: Otto collectors cards

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