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Moshi Monsters #10: Toasty, raising a glass to series 10

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Moshi Monsters Series 10: Toasty

From Otto on Day 9, we are raising a glass to the lovely Toasty on Day 10. These moshlings aren’t quite the best things since sliced bread because they seem to want to spread butter over everything through their ridiculous antics.

Toasty and his friends can be found spreading themselves in salted butter, and then chucking themselves off the tallest buildings that they can find to see if they can land butter side up; and we all know how impossible it is to drop toast this way. Butter side up everytime…

Toasty, and the other buttery breadheads, will keep on trying though. They hat being cold too, so watch out for them hiding in your toaster to stay warm…

Likes: Runny eggs and four slice toasters

Dislikes: Being scraped and margarine

Toasty is a favourite in KiddyCharts central, mainly because we got a free cutter with a moshi monsters magazine once, which means we can actually have Toasty for breakfast! Come join us on the blog by subscribing below for more moshi fun, and parenting tips:

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Moshi monsters series 10: Toasty

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