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Moshi Monsters #11: Vernon, squeaking into view

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Moshi monsters series 10: Vernon

Today we have the elephant like, Vernon, an ultra rare moshling that rivals Toasty from yesterday for cuteness.

Because he is an ultra rare we have a little bit of an extra introduction to you from the lovely Chatterbox:

Vernon is a Purple Squeaker, and because he spends so much time foraging in squeaky shrubs, you can always hear him coming, as he simple can’t stop squeaking! He little snout makes him look rather like a purple elephant; so we are guessing that him and Jeepers might just get a long rather well? Any other jungle moshlings for him to play with? Chop Chop perhaps…

But what is he looking for you ask? Obviously he is after the valuable toadstools that he needs to play tiddly-winks in the Neon Nook; what else?

Like: Gambling and fast food

Dislikes: Silly snufflers and nose blowing

Vernon is the eleventh moshling in our countdown; when we reach the end, we will be giving away a complete set to one lucky winner – yeah! So sign up to the blog so you don’t miss out on this and our other wonderful giveaways.

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Moshi Monsters Series 10: Vernon  collectors cards

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