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Moshi Monsters #12: Roscoe, the looney sheriff – yeeeh-hah!

Moshi Monsters Series 10: Roscoe

Roscoe P. Coltraine…does anyone remember him from The Dukes of Hazzard; or is that just me? Well the next moshling after the lovely Vernon is the wonderful Roscoe, who unless I am very much mistaken is a homage to the sheriff that used to annoy the lovely Daisy, Bo and Luke. He thought he had “the authority” and it appears that Roscoe in the land of Moshi is no different…

The Shady Sheriff has a rather bad reputation for demanding Rox in exchange for shorted jail sentences, and loves to tear around the place on his hobby horse pretending that he wons the gaff. However, they don’t actually have any say in anything at all…they just like to think they do.

Who does that remind you of? Roscoe P. Coltrane perhaps?

So watch put for Roscoe galloping up behind you next time you play Moshi Monsters, and make sure you don’t end up getting thrown in the local clink!

Likes: Pea shooters and spur twirling

Dislikes: Pony rustlers and moshlings with no name

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Moshi monsters series 10: Roscoe collectors card

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