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Moshi Monsters #8: Ivy, the wobbly woody

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Moshi Monsters Series 10: Ivy

Yesterday we had the prickly Jarvis to entertain us; and today is the turn of a slightly less prickly, and much more quivery little friend; Ivy.

Despite living in the top branches within Wobbly Woods, she is afraid of heights! Not much fun having vertigo when all you can do is look down, right? Ivy tends to shiver and shaken as soon as she does, and pother moshlings seem to find it funny watching her phobia in action. There is always a whole lot of shakin’ going on with these Shivery Quiveries.

Likes: Handcream and dewdrops

Dislikes: Looking down and hungry splatterpillars

Poor old Ivy – definitively a moshling from series 10 that doesn’t get it great, but who will be tomorrow on Day 9 of our countdown. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog; you might be first to find out about series 11 then as well! ;-)

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Moshi Monsters Series 10: Ivy collectors card

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