Moshi anticipation: Can I write you a blog post, mummy?

Remember I said I like to get my kids involved in the business, well…today we have a very special guest post – from my seven year old daughter….can you tell she is a little bit excited? She doesn’t even pause for breathe in the writing…..

Me and stuntboy love moshi monsters we have now in the afternoon at 18:53 on Tuesday the 23 of April we have 69 of them. Do you like moshi monsters? My mum loves moshi monsters especially series 5 and 6. A moshi party is coming up next week on the 2nd of May which is a Thursday but I didn’t expect it to be on my May Day celibraen and my may pole dance whooohooooo! Non of us can wait entail the moshi monsters party but me Helen and Stuntboy (but my dad isen’t going) we don’t know what is going to happen. Though daddy might be able to take time off work. Never mind we will find out on Thursday next week. I will report back at the end so bye for now!

Do comment below to encourage my little girl – I think she would love you to tell her if you like Moshis too! :-D

She’s already a canny lass, when she had finished writing this, she said:

“Mummy, if you like my post for your blog, perhaps you can give me 1p for it?”



  • I am 1 and I love Moshi monsters so much I ate the stickers once. My mummy was very worried. They tasted nice though.

    • Ha ha! That sounds just the kind of thing my little boy would do too…! He put a tealight in his mouth once…. :-( Thanks for commenting. My daughter will love it that people have replied!

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