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5 simple budgeting ideas for families so you have more money for your kids

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Do you constantly find that you don’t have the amount of money you want to spend on your kids? If so, then it might be worth looking at some simple budgeting ideas for families like these so you can start saving a little more.

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Here are the 5 ideas that we have had for you that are worth exploring:

Insurance: Do an audit

First, let’s think about insurance. You probably have a few different insurance plans including life insurance, home insurance and car insurance. But are you paying the right amount for these policies? It’s possible that there are better deals available to you on the market which you should explore. In doing so, you can guarantee that your monthly bills are a little less. You should check that your insurance policies aren’t set to auto renew each year so that you are provided with the opportunity to switch to a better deal when your policy term ends. 

Energy: Think green

Next, let’s consider how to save a little extra money on energy around your home. This is important, particularly when you explore reports which suggest that energy costs are rising throughout the year. The best way to handle this is by investing in greener solutions for your home. This could include upgrading your tech or perhaps exploring renewable solutions such as solar panels. While these will come with a significant upfront cost, they’ll pay for themselves in just a couple of years. 

Car fuel: Change your driving habits

You might also want to try saving a little more money on car fuel. There are a few ways that you can do this which work quite well. For instance, you might want to think about changing your driving habits. Certain driving habits use more fuel than others and they also lead to more dangers on the road. For instance, harsh or firm braking will cause your car to bleed fuel. It also means that you are not looking far enough ahead while driving. You may also wish to consider emptying the trunk of your car of all the junk that you have collected over the last few months. More weight will mean you are using a lot more fuel in general. 

Subscriptions: Have a clear out!

It’s fair to say that the world today is filled with subscriptions. We subscribe to shopping services, to streaming solutions and various other possibilities that take money out of our account each month. The problem is that little by little these subscriptions are draining bank accounts and you may have active subscriptions that no longer fit your life at all. Indeed, you could be paying for things that you have forgotten about completely. Companies are relying on this type of behavior. However, if you cancel these unused and unwanted subscriptions you can save a little more money every month. There are apps you can use which make it easy to track and manage your active subscriptions.

Meal planning: get ahead budgeting ideas for families

To download the above, check out our printable weekly meal planner

First and foremost, don’t go food shopping hungry – this won’t help with those impulse buys. The best ideas is to know what you are going to cook for the week, and then you can play exactly what you need to get, and think about low cost alternatives as you are going around the supermarket. Is there an own brand alternative? Can you buy a slightly bigger version of whatever you are interested in, and plan to use the remainder either in something else that week, or make a note to use it for the next weekly meal plan! If you need to take a look at meal planning ideas, we have some to help you get started, including a six weekly meal plan for families.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to ensure that you do have a little more money available to spend on the kids each year. How you spend this extra cash is up to you. You could put it towards trips away, little treats or gifts during the festive season.

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