A while ago I sat down with Credit Cafe Experian expert Joe Green and presenter Darren Beach to talk about simple tips for budgeting when you are starting a family, as simple things really can be game changers.

Simple Tips For Budgeting When You Are Starting a Family

When you are starting a family there are so many things that can be on your mind, some important, some you might be stressing about now, but will later on realize how meaningless they really were (we have all been there).

Finances are one thing that should be on your mind and trust me, it’s better to have a plan beforehand. By that, I don’t mean you would need to have a financial plan for every penny spent or invested until your kids graduate and move out, but just some key pointers.

Simple tricks can make a whole lot of a difference in how you handle your budget, and can tip the scale from making the ends meet, to being able to pay interest for any loans you might have. It’ll also mean you can still afford that extra thing in the month, be it a book to read to your child to make those lasting childhood memories, or a small trip for the whole family. The best thing about simple approaches is they usually work, as we can stick to them.

Intrigued what we talked about? Watch the video here, where we discuss it all!

You see? Easy! There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t start with some of these today.

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