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How a birthday card for kids can be an extra present

Birthdays – we all love them, the cards, the cake, the presents. We can’t wait to open our everything to see what we’ve got. I am particularly fond of a birthday card; I love to see what people think that I will like. My kids are no different either, they like to find out what their friends think will make them laugh, smile or stop and think. We have been lucky to be sent Cardooo birthday cards for the kids to take a look out. These aren’t just ordinary birthday card though…they have a little twist to them…

Cardooo birthday cards allow you to give that little something extra for birthdays to the kids; an excellent birthday idea for age 4-7 year olds.

So what are they all about?

What are Cardooo activity birthday cards for kids?

Cardooo are available in selected Asda stores. They are suitable for 4-7 year old children, and have small activity books included within the birthday card itself, as well as stickers. Kind of like a little secret present that you aren’t really expecting when you get the card!

Look at all the activities within the Cardooo Activity cards!

The books have c. 8-10 pages of activities themed around a specific topic including:

  • Adding stickers to a scene,
  • Dot to dots,
  • Colouring,
  • Short quizzes,
  • Simple anagrams, and
  • Spot the differences.

There are 10 themes offered in the Cardooo birthday cards range, including those that are suitable for both boys and girls:

  • Circus,
  • Dinosaurs,
  • Diver,
  • Fairies,
  • Insects,
  • Jungle,
  • Knights,
  • Mermaids,
  • Pets, and
  • Trains.

They currently (November 2015) retail in ASDA at £3.00 each.

What did we think of Cardooo activity birthday cards for kids?

These are a simple, but very effective idea. For a pretty small outlay, the cards offer an extra “present” to whomever you are buying the cards for. Typically, we would spend c. £2.00 on a card, so this is only a little increase for a considerable bit more.

Additionally, these could keep those little birthday hands busy for just that bit longer, which is probably not going to be a problem for most parents whose kids are going to be sugar fuelled for most of the day!

The activities seem to be well pitched at the different age groups the cards are targeted at, with the age four activities suitable for those whose literacy skills aren’t quite as well developed as those at seven.

The activities within the Cardooo birthday cards for kids are perfectly pitched for the age that receives them. Simple literacy puzzles that help them learn are included for example.

The colours are bright and engaging too, perfect for little ones to grab their attention, and keep it too.

As for the quality of the product, the cards are surprisingly thick, as are the activity sheets, particularly given the cost of them. They even have a lovely shiny coating, which even my kids commented on when they got the cards out of their wrapping.

These Cardooo birthday cards are excellent quality, all our reviewers and my kids agreed!

What did our reviewers think of the Cardooo birthday cards?

We gave these cards to three of our reviewers to check out – overall they loved them. In fact, each one of them gave them 10 out of 10! This has never happened before on this site….

Below is a summary of all the comments that were made by the parents that tested them out:

Overall 9 out of 10

We loved these cards; such a great way to give a little extra present to the birthday boy or girl. They are ideal for a parent to give to their own child or a close relative.

They are perhaps a little more than you might spend to give to one of your child’s friends though. The activity book would probably not be seen as part of the present, so you could end up spending a little more than you would normally do.

Having said that, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy these for our kids, or close friends and family. A perfect way to keep the children entertained and quiet on an otherwise completely chaotic kind of a day!

Look how much fun we had doing our Cardooo activity cards - hours of fun for the kids on a day usually fuelled by chaos and sugar!

Have you tried the Cardooo birthday cards for kids? What did you think?

This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are our own.

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