Win My Feelings Journal from Upside Down Books (3 Copies available)

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We are working with Upside Down Books again, and Trigger Publishing this week with another lovely little giveaway. Check out the articles we have published from them recently about mindfulness for tweens and tweens. Today, we have another little giveaway for you from them. We are giving away three copies of the book My Feelings Journal.

My Feelings Journal giveaway!

This is one of a few books that Upside Down Books have released to help kids to deal with their feelings, and to focus on being more mindful in today’s modern world.

This specific book is designed to help kids to explore their feelings more, and understand how they feel; anything from what they need to understand more, to where they would like to travel, to what brings them joy, or makes them feel positive.

There are sections for them to fill in to note how they are feeling from day to day. This helps them to take time out of their days to really focus on their feelings, and articulate how, and what has affected them during the course of that day.

Being able to explain what it is that tweens and teens are feeling is a significant part of the “battle” to keep those teen emotions in check. Just as a toddler struggles to explain how they feel, so can tweens and teens. Our children, when the reach this age, may be older, and more experienced, but the teenage brain is being rewired, at the same time as hormones and the emotional centre of the brain developing at an incredible rate of knots.

Let’s allow our teens a little time and space to help to process and understand their feelings with this journal.

My Feelings Journal giveaway!

In order to win My Feelings Journal, you need to fill out the Gleam widget below – we have a few options for you involved in the giveaway including:

  • Visit some of the mindfulness resources we have on the site, including the pages from this book,
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So what are you waiting for – give it a go now….

Win My Feelings Journal from Upside Down Books

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  • I would love to win this for my daughter so that she can express herself. She isn’t very good at it yet and I think this would help.

  • I would love to win this for my son, hes not great at expressing his feelings in person but is very good at writing, this I think would be great for him.

  • I would love to win this book for my friends daughter who is struggling with her parents divorce

  • I would love to win this book for my Granddaughter Ellie. I think it would help with her struggles with not being able to go to school or see her friends.

  • Hello, I would like to win this book so I could give it to a local charity that helps families in need. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • This would be a lovely way of exploring feelings together and as a conversation starter- we always assume children are honest but it’s surprising how much they observe and hide. They pick up so early the cause and effect that emotions and expressing them has.

  • id love this for my niece to help her write down her thoughts and feelings and work through them

  • My daugher has enjoyed journalling during the pandemic and has been recording all the school work/non-school work she has completed, as well as how she has been feeling. I think she’d love this journal x

  • I have grandchildren and I can see already how this fast-paced, materialistic and sometimes unkind world is affecting them. This book would be great to help them to explore their feelings.

  • I’d love to win this for my niece as I believe putting things on paper helps a lot. She’s going through a tough time and this would help. Thanks

  • Keeping a diary or journal is a great way to express yourself and can help you deal with difficult emotions.

  • It is such a struggle to understand your feelings at any age, and particularly as a teenager. My God daughter is a tweenager right now, and I can see the frustration starting, so this would be great for her.

    • I would love to win this for my teenage daughter. She has found being in lockdown quite tough. Especially with her school work and also a trauma thay happened to her just before lockdown. Being able to write down her feelings would do her mental health better, day by day.

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