Teach them failure is good

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Failure is just a signpost on the way to success?

The lovely @workformums posted a link on her Facebook page last week which really got me thinking, so thanks very much, Suzannah.

Prepare them to fail
Is it really such a bad thing to get things wrong?

I don’t know about you, but I get stuff wrong all the time. Usually because I am appalling at remembering things.

Even more so since I have had kids; its become second nature. And I regularly employ Chatterbox and Stuntboy as my back-up memory.

An article in The Express discusses how a particular school is showing kids it’s OK not to get everything right all the time; how to discuss it and how to learn from our errors.

How can we learn if not from our mistakes?
Its important from an early age to show children that making mistakes, or failing, is part of life. Saying to our kids, “Oops, mummy made a mistake, nevermind, I’ll try again and next time I’ll be better,” shows them by example that it’s OK not to be great everytime.

And most important is that mistakes and failures mold the success that we achieve throughout our lives. How we deal with our failures can help us succeed next time. If we don’t manage to read that book on our own the first time, let’s try again and learn from where we struggled the last time.

We all need to wobble a bit…

We all need to wobble a bit…

I am reminded of my daughter learning to ride her bike. If we gave up at every mistake we made. We would all still have stabilisers at 35. Though occasionally I think I could do with them…

Chatterbox never gave up.

She just kept on going. Rather wobbly admittedly, but those first falls helped pave the way for her straight, steady ride ahead.

We all need to wobble first before we can achieve stability
Anything in life that’s worth doing is like those first tentative tries on the bike. It’ll take a couple of goes to be confident and steady.

And I mean everything from the small (er) to the big (gish); learning to do your phonics, counting backwards from 10, becoming a mum, running a home, starting a business, getting a new job, learning to drive a car. It’s all a series of little failures that hopefully lead to those big successes.

And my god, it’s all worth it.

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