Has your child ever had any friendship issues?  In this week's hangout we talk about how we can help our children when a friendship start to go wrong

We are carrying on the theme of friendship issues this week with our latest Google hangout on how we can help our children with any problems they may have.

As usual, we are joined by our resident counsellor, Beckie Whitehouse of Be Confident Coaching and we discussed such areas as:

  • how CAN we help when they come home and say “nobody likes me”
  • when your child has a controlling friend
  • standing up for themselves
  • changing friendships as your child develops

Has your child had friendship issues that needed a helping hand?  How did you deal with it?  We do value all your comments so please do share them with us in the comments below. And if you love this video, why not shre it with some of the lovely people about on Twitter?

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