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Parenting podcast: Could you win at a game of blog or dog?

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Do you have a favourite parenting podcast? Do you know any kids podcasts at all! Well if you haven't listened to scummy mummies podcast, well get on over there now and take a look - KiddyCharts were on the show and had a ball. Two very funny ladies, Ellie and Helen produce the check it out.

A few months ago, I met the lovely Ellie, and Helen in their home to record a podcast for Scummy Mummies. If you are looking for a great parenting podcast; then you might just have found it with these two lovely ladies. Parenting isn’t easy, and we all need a laugh. Their podcast is sure to help you raise a smile EVEN with me on it.

I didn’t even know what a podcast was a few years ago, and now I have recorded one…it really is odd where blogging takes you sometimes. I’ve been paid for shopping, and going on holiday, and now I am actually talking for a living. I know – who knew life could be this much fun….

The Scummy Mummies podcast and blog is fun, informative and above all entertaining.

So why not check it out, its only 33 minutes, so perfect for the commute and I guarantee you’ll be wanted to play blog or dog along with us all! Listen along, and you might even surprise yourself as to how funny reward charts really can be, particularly when they are applied to our husbands….what would you give your husband his stars for? ;-)

Check out this great parenting podcast from Scummy Mummies; KiddyCharts are on it, and we can even make reward charts funny!

We talk:

  • Blogging,
  • Britmums,
  • Quilting crisp packets,
  • Breastfeeding on fences,
  • Charts for husbands,
  • Scummy mummy confessions, including my son’s famous ducks in my boobs story and
  • The infamous blog or dog game – listen to find out what the hell I am talking about (20mins in ish).

There *may* be the odd bit of advice in there too – only for a bit though, just to make sure you don’t all nod off.

Why not check me, Ellie and Helen out in their unique parenting podcast – have a laugh, go on!

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