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9 tips for raising confident kids; support your toddler to find their inner explorer

This is a guest post from Vivien Sabel, who is a parenting expert who has recently published her book “The Blossom Method,” which offers parents a revolutionary way to communicate with their baby; before the tears even start. Today, she looks at raising confident kids.

Inner explorer what is this? Well this post examines how we as parents can help to support our toddlers to explore their world.

I’m not sure I can recall details associated to my toddler-hood, but I know I was supported to explore. I also know that my father’s anxiety and his fears were sometimes projected onto me and it halted my explorations.

How do we raise confident kids? We have nine tips to help those kids to fly! #kids #parenting #confidence

What would you like for your children? Would you like them to be confident, carefree, fun loving & adventurous? Well! hopefully we can show you how.

Here are my key tips for raising confident kids:

  1. Allow your toddler to explore and experience their world for themselves
  2. Let them leave your side to look at their environment
  3. Don’t allow your fear and anxiety to impact upon them
  4. Keep them safe but don’t over protect them
  5. Allow them to feel, touch and begin to navigate
  6. Don’t hem them in
  7. Allow them to make mess
  8. Develop with them their curiosity
  9. Show them now to be confident yourself.

Some of us have been raised by parents who are fearful and others who are carefree. Whoever raised us and the way in which we are raised can impact upon us for life.

I know this to be true.

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