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Helping children cope with change: look to yourself

Naomi Richards Kids Coach on Dealing with Change for both Parents and Kids

Naomi Richards – our guest blogger; The Kids Coach

This is a guest post from The Kids Coach, Naomi Richards. She has a great blog on her site, do check it out, and has written on parenting techniques, including the book, The Parents Toolkit.

We all want our children to be able to be receptive to change and to be able to adjust to it easily, but what happens when you as a parent are not. This is not going to assist you in helping children cope with change, if you yourself cannot do so….

I am thinking of something that happened to me recently. The school my children go to have decided to change a few things – many of which are amazing but there is one change that seems to have been unsettling. They have decided to mix up the classes from year one upwards – split them 50/50 and there are mixed feelings about whether this is all for the best.

For example, if you have an academic child how do you know they are going to continue to thrive in their new class, how do you know they will get on with the other children, should it make a difference what class your child is in since they are suppose to be working in class not forming new friendships. There are also thoughts of what about my child’s best friend – why are they not with them and how will my child cope?

Yes these are the questions and thoughts us parents have but what about the children? Ask them and the majority do not seem bothered about the change. They see it as an opportunity to make new friends and see it as exciting. Well, it should be – it’s an experiment and has never been done before.

I think as parents we can learn from our children. We need to see it the same way as they do. By them having this enthusiasm they are showing us that they can embrace change, are more resilient than we think, accepting of others decisions and they are open to meeting and getting on with new people. All life skills we want them to have.

What would be your first thoughts on this kind of class re-shuffle. Would you fear for your child? Do let us know below.

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