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Bedtime stories for kids: Why should we bother? (With Nick Jr)

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Nick Jr - Bedtime Stories; Why Bother?Why bother with bedtime stories for kids?

We have already written about this on the blog, many moons ago when we mentioned how great extra bonus stories are at night as rewards alongside our reward charts.

Now, Nick Jr are encouraging us all to sit down and read with our kids in a wonderful new campaign aimed at parents with younger children.

Bedtime with Arnie and Barnie is a show where Becky Overton’s stories are read by celebrities including Greg Rutherford and Kimberly Wyatt. Becky is appearing on NickJr Web TV to discuss the importance of bedtime stories alongside TV presenter Helena Dowling and parent blogger Holly Driscoll from Dolly and Daydreams.

Personally, we find bedtime stories are critical part of the bedtime routine for our children. It helps them to relax and slow down after a busy day. It’s also a lovely time for me to be able to sit with the kids and give them my full un-divided attention. Stuntboy even manages to sit still through almost all of it most nights….

What do Becky, Helen and Holly think though? And do you struggle with fitting them in? Or wonder why you are bothering? If you do, then you can submit questions for the discussion below. When the show is live, you will then be able to magically watch the show using the same clever frame. *don’t ask me I am a technophobe – its pixel pixie magic*

The importance of bedtime stories will be broadcast in this blog post at 12.30pm on Friday 22nd March.

So come along, and watch the show with us; and you might get your question answered live on there too!


john Leigh

Friday 12th of February 2016

We do bother, I am a father, and the best thing I use to enjoy is time with my kids, quality time where I use to read them a bed time story, I enjoyed as much as my kids. I think it is excellent idea.

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