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How to make Shaun the Sheep Movie paper chains

Christmas is nothing without paper chains…! OK, that might be a little strong, but one of the lasting memories many of us have as children is making paper chains to decorate the house with at Christmas. We remember it well here at KiddyCharts. So, why not create some lasting memories this year with a spot of Shaun the Sheep movie fun with us and Shaun.Video; the personalised Christmas video messaging service from Funwisher? We’ve put together some instructions on how to make paper chains alongside these amazing freebies featuring Shaun.

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How to make paper chains: Shaun the Sheep

We’ve got these rather awesome templates for you to use to make your own paper chains for Shaun the Sheep movie lovers everywhere.

How to make paper chains

Let’s get started with the paper chain fun! Now you can decorate your family house or even your office (home office?) with some fabulous and fun Shaun the Sheep paper chains!


You will need:

  • Paper,
  • A printer,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue or sticky tape, and
  • A willing small helper!

How to make your paper chains; inspired by Shaun the Sheep movie

  1. Choose the colour of paper chains you’d like to make from the template sheets (scroll down to down load them)
  2. Print and cut out the strips we have provided for you. Do be careful with sharp scissors – you might need to supervise the kids here, depending on their age. Care, and patience are the watchwords here…
  3. Bend the strip of paper into a loop, then use glue to stick it together. We actually find that double sided sticky tape can be really helpful when making paper chains, so you might want to consider this as an additional requirement here?
  4. Take the next strip of paper, put it through first link in the chain and stick it together to form the second loop,
  5. Repeat step 3 until you’ve made a chain as long as you need, and
  6. Use sticky tape or pins, stick your paper chains around your room! Make sure that you check with everyone though before you start adding random paper chains everywhere in the house. 😂

The template and full instructions for this paper chain fun are included when you click on the circular image a bit lower down this article….but first…

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So – here you go – here is how to make paper chains courtesy of Shaun and KiddyCharts. Why not check out the other Shaun the Sheep activities and colouring on the site too?

<< Click on the circular image below to download the templates now >>

We do have loads of fun Christmas activities on KiddyCharts, so do check the others out too, won’t you?

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Aside from the KiddyCharts Shaun the Sheep activities, why not check out some of these other ones too. If you are a Shaun fan, there is bound to be something to interest you within all of this:

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Shaun the Sheep

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