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30+ nursery rhymes activities and apps for kids

We have a fantastic set of resources for you today; loads of ideas for nursery rhymes activities and apps for kids! This includes both paid and free resources, so you can decide for yourself what you would like to focus on. We’ve even got both available from this site included within the list as well.

This is a collaborative post.

With all our round-ups, we like to make sure we have researched a number of different ideas for you all, so that you can choose the resource that works best for you. If you find other nursery rhymes activities that you want to share with us to add to this list, then let us know.

  • KidsBeeTV: KidsBeeTV is a safe and fun video platform for kids and just launched a new app dedicated to Nursery Rhymes & Baby Lullabies . The app has tons of songs and dances that will entertain both babies and toddlers. Kids can explore all the videos and have lots of fun with popular nursery rhymes and it doesn’t require adult supervision.
    You can download the app on Apple, or Google Play.
  • Three little pigs: We have some free wolf coloring pages on KiddyCharts, alongside a W workbook in the shop, but the main event for the Three Little Pigs is a cute coloring pages workbook taking you through the whole story in our shop,
  • Old Macdonald nursery rhymes coloring: If you are after something that’s a little cheaper, why not try this completely free nursery rhyme coloring book that we’ve got on the site for you instead?
  • Goldilocks: For some more easy coloring pages for kids, do check out these Goldilocks coloring pages in our shop as well – they really are super cute,
  • Hey Diddle, Diddle: The Inspiration Edit has a printable for this classic nursery rhyme, so why not download and singalong today?
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep: The classic nursery rhyme of course, and Fun-A-Day has a few great ideas and activities around this favourite for the kids to try, and you as well,
  • Little Miss Muffet: What better way to celebrate the wonderful Little Miss Muffet than with this brilliant spider craft from Messy Little Monster,
  • Cobbler, Cobbler: This is a printable for this particular favourite of my kids when they were small from Craft, Play, Learn,
  • Row, Row, Row your Boat: Rainy Day Mum is always a great site to go to for inspirational games and activities, and this pretend play activity with this brilliant nursery rhyme is perfect for babies and toddlers to have fun with,
  • I’m a Little Teapot: If you don’t remember this nursery rhyme, where HAVE you been? This is a brilliant craft to go along with this classic where you can create your own tipping teapot with Danya Banya,
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive: This is a lovely fish counting activity from Best Toys for Toddlers. Check out and download the printable on their site now,
  • 5 Little Monkeys: One of our favourite nursery rhymes (if we are allowed to have one!) is this fabulous little song, and this is a great activity to do with the kids from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games.
  • Jack be Nimble: This is a fabulous activity for improving gross motor skills from Life Over C’s,
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider: This is a fabulous and fun craft activity from Mombrite, that the kids will love to do. Make yourself your very own paper Itsy Bitsy climbing spider!
  • Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe: We wouldn’t be covering all the nursery rhymes properly if we missed out this one, so here is a great craft for it from The OT Toolbox,
  • Little Bo Peep: We have a couple of sorting activities in this list below, but this is a fantastic sheep color matching game for this classic from Best Toys 4 Toddlers,
  • Pat-a-Cake books: We haven’t included book lists as a rule within this list, it is easy to do a quick search on Amazon on any of the books that you would like to take a look at, but we did rather love this list from Fantastic, Fun and Learning, so we have included this one on its own,
  • Nursery rhyme sorting activity: If you are looking for a simple game to play rather than some printables, then check this out from Preschool Inspirations,
  • Nursery rhyme sorting mats: If you aren’t wanting to do a sorting activity, then perhaps instead of the activity idea above, you would prefer these sorting mats from Simple Living, Creative Learning?
  • Not your average nursery rhyme activity ideas: For something a little bit different, check out some of these ideas from Little Pine Learners, and you won’t be disappointed!
  • Spanish nursery rhymes: Why stick with English nursery rhymes? This is a great activity to go along with the Spanish nursery rhyme Los Pollitos Dicen from Lorena and Lennox Bilingual Beginnings,
  • Activity basket: We think activity baskets are a great thing to do with your kids, and theming them makes them even more fun, so check out this nursery rhyme one from Whimsical Mumblings,
  • Nursery Rhyme Olympics: This is a brilliant idea from The Educator’s Spin on It; an nursery rhyme themed Olympic event! This post also links to another ten brilliant activities for those that love their nursery rhymes too!
  • Zoolingo: This is an app for two years plus which offers the classic nursery rhymes, including sing-a-log-phonics versions as well. It is available from Apple, and Google Play,
  • Nursery Rhyme Shadow Puppets: This is a gorgeous idea from Adventure in a Box, just perfect for you and the kids to have loads of fun with,
  • Get Moving: It is important to keep kids active, so why not use nursery rhymes to get your kids up and about just like Creative Family Fun?
  • Nursery Rhyme Treasure Box: The Ladybird’s Adventures has a lovely activity idea for preschoolers and little ones with nursery rhymes. They have created a wonderful little treasure box for little hands to explore. Check it out.
  • Morning Tubs: Have you ever heard of morning tubs for kids? Neither had we until we found these nursery rhymes ones from Planning Playtime,
  • Nursery Rhymes Journal: Fun-a-Day have created this lovely little journaling activity for little ones themed around nursery rhymes and it is well worth taking a look at it,
  • Kidloland: Another great app for the kids to explore nursery rhymes in an interactive way. This app is available on Apple, Google Play and Amazon and
  • Nursery Rhyme Yoga: Our final activity for the kids is again all about getting them up and about, this time with some mindful and relaxing Yoga ideas from Pink Oatmeal.

There are loads of apps, ideas, printables and activities themed around nursery rhymes for you here, so it would be pretty impossible for you not to find one of these nursery rhyme activities and apps that worked really well for you.

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Thanks so much for coming to see us, and we really do hope to see you soon.

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