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5 action packed fun holiday locations your kids will love

Selecting a holiday destination to suit the whole family, with enough to occupy your little balls of energy is no mean feat. It has to have everything: endless entertainment, safety, but also somewhere Mum and Dad can kick back with a cocktail after the kids have gone to sleep. Rest assured, these five fun-filled destinations will fit the bill.

Try some of these great locations for holidays - your kids will LOVE them; check them out now!

With a trip to Paris, the fun starts before you’ve even left the UK. Travelling on the Eurostar will open their young minds as you dip under the sea for an hour, only to emerge in a totally different country, and the excitement doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve exhausted the amazing, kid-friendly sites Paris has to offer; the Eiffel tower, a boat trip down the Seine and the magnificent Arc de Triomph, it’s time for a few days in Disneyland Paris. Your kids will have a blast on Space Mountain and the other jaw-dropping rides, before getting to meet their favourite characters and marvelling at the parade. The best part? Mum and Dad can enjoy romantic candlelit drinks in the hotel bar with the kids sleeping soundly upstairs.

Try Bulgaria for a location that the kids will love!

We defy anyone to be bored on a skiing trip. Pack your nearest and dearest off to up-and-coming Bulgaria for the snow experience of a lifetime. Enrol your kids into ski school and watch proudly as they blossom into little snow babies. Enjoy time tobogganing or sledging, before huddling round the fire toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. With a fully catered chalet, no one has to cook, or better yet wash up, leaving you free to enjoy plenty of quality time with your little ones.

Try Cuba for a location that the kids will love!

Cuba is such an exciting holiday destination, it is oozing in action with plenty of activities for kids to get involved with. Head straight to beautiful Vinales where you can be ziplining one day, cycling the next and horse riding the day after that. The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, your kids will absolutely love Havana’s live music scene, and maybe the whole family will be inspired to take a salsa class or two. For nature lovers, Trinidad has some stunning hikes and waterfalls to round off the holiday of a lifetime.

Try some of these great locations for holidays - your kids will LOVE them; check them out now!

A villa holiday in Tuscany is the perfect combination of relaxation for you, endless activities for the kids. For your little thrill-seekers, white water rafting is sure to please. Alternatively, Piccolo Mondo boasts the highest water slide in Tuscany, amongst plenty more water park fun for all ages. Or head to one of the area’s amazing nature parks, or the network of caves and grottos the region is famous for. If your kids can’t get enough of the gelato, why not treat them to a class where they’ll learn how to make the stuff? Your little ones will be sleeping before their head hits the pillow after all this fun.

Try some of these great locations for holidays - your kids will LOVE them; check them out now!

London has so much to offer the activity-loving family. Take a day trip around the city, sparking young imaginations in the Tower of London, before taking a ride on the spectacular London Eye. Go way back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth in the Natural History Museum or head out rowing on the Serpentine. The showstopper of your holiday will be the Warner Bros Studio Tour, where you can lose yourselves in the magical world of Harry Potter. See actual sets, costumes and props from the films, and even try Butterbeer. It is guaranteed to be an unforgettable day.

With these action-packed holidays you’ll have no problem keeping boredom at bay, and you’ll have a holiday which the whole family will remember fondly for years to come.

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