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A day in the life around the world: Coloring sheets for the kids

We are taking you around the world for a day in the life of lots of different locations and cultures today, thanks to the inspiration of this fabulous Expedia article.

Each location, we have an illustration for you to colour in, while you learn how different countries live each day. We all know about our day in the life of; most of you get up to go to nursery or school, come home and play, have a spot of dinner, and maybe a bath and the bed. But what’s a day in the life like elsewhere around the world, for different kids of people?

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Bolivia – Altiplano

In Bolivia the day begins at the crack of dawn and many people living there are Pastoralists, looking after Alpacas and Llamas. They need good food to keep going for the day, and a good night’s sleep in a comfy bed.

A Day in th Life of a Pastoralist in Bolivia #dayinthelife #bolivia #kidscoloring

Ghana – Kwabre

In Ghana, Kente Cloth is an important commodity, and critical to communities there. Weavers are an integral part of society there, and work hard to make the cloth every single day. Free time for weavers is spent in the local markets, and Mosquito nets are vital for a good nights sleep.

A Day in the Life of a Kente Cloth Weaver in Kwabre in Ghana! #kidscoloring #Ghana #dayinthelife

Greenland – Siorapaluk

Intuits or eskimo life in Greenland is complicated, thanks to the harsh conditions and the limited resources on the ice. Dog sledding is the perfect way to get around, and the sea provides a lot for survival. Beds are platforms in traditional shelters, and the sea offers lots of leisure activities including kayaking.

A Day in the Life of an Inuit Hunter in Greenland! #kidscoloring #Greenland #dayinthelife

India – Assam

Could you be a tea picker in India; getting to work on your bike, and eating curry with your colleagues as you harvest the tea? The pickers sleep in a blanket on the floor too, so need to be hardy – at least they have a Bollywood film to watch in the evening to relax!

A Day in the Life of a Tea Picker in Assam in India! #kidscoloring #India #dayinthelife

Italy – Venice

Have you ever wanted to be a Gondolier in Italy? Their striped shirts and hats are a traditional sight on the canals of Venice. Lots of resources from the sea for those living here, and for fun – its time to watch a game of football!

A Day in the Life of a Gondolier in Venice in Italy! #kidscoloring #Italy #dayinthelife

Jordan – Wadi Rum

Some Bedouin live traditional lifestyles, but some of the Bedouin in Jordan live a semi-modern life acting as guides for the tourists in Wadi Rum.They take tourists around in a tuck tuck, and love qasidah (sung poetry) in the evenings after a hard days work.

A Day in the Life of a Bedouin Guide in Wadi Rum in Jordan! #kidscoloring #Jordan #dayinthelife

Nepal – Himalayas

Sherpa’s are world-renowned mountaineers, and live a tough life in the mountains of Nepal. DAys are spent largely on foot, with a simple lunch of rice or lentil stew. Masked dances are a tradition in the evenings, followed by a night spent on a platform bed.

A Day in the Life of a Sherpa in Nepal! #kidscoloring #Nepal #dayinthelife

New Zealand – Wanaka

What would it be like to be a Ski Instructor in New Zealand; one of the countries of the world with the most beautiful mountain landscapes? Take in the slopes all day, relax with a spot of bacon pie for lunch, and meet your friends for happy hour in the bars in the evening, I would imagine!

A Day in the Life of a High School Student in Wanaka in New Zealand! #kidscoloring #NewZealand #dayinthelife


South Korea – Seoul

What’s it like to go to school in a bustling city like Seoul; just as chaotic as you might imagine! Off you go on a bus, with a lot of learning focused on passing the exams to get you into college. Video games are played to relax, but some children have to go to hagwon – which are cram schools to do yet more revision! After all that learning, sleep is important, and the children use padded matresses on the floor.

A Day in the Life of a Hunter Gatherer in Assam in India! #kidscoloring #Tansania #dayinthelife


Tanzania – Eyasi

Dar es Salaam is the major city in Tanzania, but far away from here are the hunter gatherers that live on the shores of Lake Eyasi. The days are spent foraging or hunting, and the nights listening to songs, and sleeping on packed earth under a simple temporary shelter.

A Day in the Life of a Hunter Gatherer in Tanzania! #kidscoloring #Tanzania #dayinthelifeUSA – Silicon Valley

Working in the tech capital of the world is rewarding, but tiring. It is all about balancing life, work and health. From the smoothie in the morning to working out in the evening, before a good nights sleep.

A Day in the Life of a Tech Developer in Silicon Valley in the USA! #kidscoloring #USA #dayinthelifeWe have well and truly travelled the world discovering a day in the life of many different kinds of people, from lots of different cultures. You can choose to color these in just like the Expedia resource, or do something a little more creative, entirely up to you.

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Hope you loved this day in the life resource – see you again soon!



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