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4 reasons to see Wales the sustainable way

(This is a partnered post) For a lot of people, going on holiday often means the same thing; it’ll be time to pack up and get on a plane. With the world getting smaller all the time, being able to see as much of it as possible is great, though it can be easy to ignore the beauty on your own doorstep when you’re eager to go overseas. To give you an alternative to jetting off if you are UK-based, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to see Wales the sustainable way. Simply going somewhere closer to home will make your trip a little greener, as planes use huge amounts of resources and spew emissions.

We are offering Wales as a great destination for UK travellers. Sustainable, and so many amazing things to see! #uktravel #travel #wales #familytravel

Your transport

Seeing as you won’t be needing a plane to get to Wales from most of the UK, you will probably be fine with a car. Your normal family car should be enough for this, as long as it has enough space for everyone’s belongings. If you don’t drive, you could consider the idea of using trains, as most people live close enough to a station to travel most of the country. The transport you use to get yourself there is only the start of this, though, and it will be worth changing your approach once you arrive.

Cars are responsible for a huge amount of the World’s pollution, though a lot of people still use them when they really don’t need to. When you’re on holiday, it’s unlikely that you’ll have have to travel more than a couple of miles, and this makes bikes great as a car replacement. Wales is laced with quiet roads which excellent for cyclists, ensuring that your kids can ride safely. For those who don’t like to ride, walking or getting the bus can make good alternatives, as these will still be less harmful than a car.

Your Accommodation

Not a lot of people realise, but running a hotel uses a huge amount of resources. Power, gas, and water are essential resources, though these businesses will often throw them away, and this isn’t something worth supporting. Companies like Lyons Holiday Parks take a different approach to this. Offering caravans, camping, and small lodges, they can provide a far more environmentally friendly way to spend your break, making it easier to rest assured that you’re not doing too much damage by enjoying yourself.

Choosing exactly which of the accommodation options you want can be tricky, especially if you have kids. Camping can be great fun, but can also be a lot of work, and some people simply won’t enjoy it. Caravans offer more luxury, though they are often quite small, and this means that everyone will have to live in close quarters. It’s worth considering how much time you’re likely to spend in your accommodation when you’re making this choice. If you’re out all the time, it doesn’t really matter where you stay, as long as you have a bed.

Places To See

When you’re going to a place like Wales, it makes sense to plan the sights you’d like to see before you set off. This will give you the chance to assess all of your options, making decisions which will enable you to use your time effectively.


This is one of the most famous parts of Wales, thanks to the mountains which call the area home. The Snowdon National Park is a massive area comprising of loads of towering peaks. With Mount Snowdon in the center, it’s easy to see why people flock to this site, though it isn’t just the natural landscape which people like. Snowdon is also home to a huge renewable power station, making an excellent place for those who are interested in sustainability.

The Castles

Given its history as a prominent defensive position for the UK, Wales is home to more than its fair share of castles. With many of these structures being built hundreds of years ago, it’s a wonder that they still stand, and some are in remarkably good condition. Conwy Castle is a great example of this, and was built almost 800 years ago. It has been kept alive by generations of dedication workers, earning recognition as a World Heritage site.

The Beaches

While Wales isn’t always blessed with the best weather, the beaches it has on offer truly shine when they sun comes out. With options for surfers, avid rockpool enthusiasts, and those who simply want to relax, there are few better places in the UK to enjoy some time by the beach. Anglesey is one of the most popular destinations available. You can tour around the coast of Wales over the course of a couple of weeks, thanks to the small size of the country.

National Parks

Thanks to the small number of cities and towns in Wales, a lot of the country is still rural. There aren’t many people in this part of the world, and this leaves a lot of room for places to be dedicated to nature, often coming the form of national parks. Pembrokeshire is a huge national park, included beaches, cliffs, and flatlands, along with a lot of rare wildlife. The National Trust is in control of many of these areas, making it worth checking out their site.

Your Impact

Travelling sustainably takes more than simply planning a green trip. While you’re away, it will be important to consider the impact you’re having on the areas you visit. Leaving litter, driving too much, and a range of other activities can leave a mark on the places you see, and this is usually a bad thing. To combat this, it can also help to think about the impact you have during normal life, as these habits can be changed, too.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to try your own sustainable break. A lot of people work hard to plan great trips, but will fail to consider the environment in their planning. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, and your trip doesn’t have to suffer as a result.

We trust that you like this post – and hope that you will think of Wales, an other UK destinations as a possibility. Why don’t you take a look at some of the other travel content on this site?

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We are offering Wales as a great destination for UK travellers. Sustainable, and so many amazing things to see! #uktravel #travel #wales #familytravel

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