Many women are curious on how pregnancy gives effects to them, babies, families, and people around. Today I would like to share some pregnancy facts that will surprise you.
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20 pregnancy facts that will surprise you (and maybe even the baby!)

Pregnancy has is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Sometimes pregnancy surprises us all; the changes in our bodies, both good and bad. But what are the real Pregnancy Facts?!? Today we would like to share with you some pregnancy facts that will really surprise you. Pregnancy facts that will surprises […]

by Helen • February 7, 2018
Harry Potter is one of my favourite books, but I bet you didn't know that the Harry Potter magical stuff would be so good at helping parents everywhere did you? Time Turners would be life savers, and so would some of the others. What would Harry Potter give to you to help?
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Five Harry Potter essentials to make new parents lives easier

Reading and being a new parent, they don’t go together. When in god’s name do you ever find time to read books when you are looking after your little bundle of joy? Despite this well know fact, I managed to read Harry Potter all through breastfeeding my kids; while I was breastfeeding them. Harry Potter […]

by Helen • April 27, 2016
New mums are always offered advice, and sometimes it gets overwelming. So here are just 15 things to help you get off to a good start as a new mum with that newborn. Now go and get some sleep! ;-)
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15 quick tips to help you get a great start as a new mum

Becoming a first time mum can make you feel loved, empowered, filled with a new sense of belonging – and totally clueless. Being a new mum isn’t an easy thing to get used to…. Photo credits: / phaendin It doesn’t matter how many baby books you read in advance, or how many friends with children you speak […]

by Helen • November 20, 2015
Did you take Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy - do you know the facts? This is a really helpful inforgraphic for Vitamin D deficiency,
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Did you take Vitamin D supplements in pregnancy?

We all try to eat healthy balanced diets when we are pregnant. We like to do it, we want to help that little one growing inside us to have the healthiest start in life, and watching what we eat is one thing that mothers feel they have control of. Typically, while most other things in […]

by Helen • July 10, 2015
Natural Birthing Company
Great giveaways for kids & parents

#Win One of Three “COOL IT MAMA” Body Spritzes from Natural Birthing Company

Kiddycharts have teamed up with Natural Birthing Company to offer our readers the chance to win a “COOL IT MAMA” body spritz. A gently scented, uplifting aromatherapy spray, the product contains a blend of; pure essential oils, flower essences and hint of menthol. It is designed to help relieve a multitude of pregnancy woes including […]

by Helen • June 24, 2014
New Dads - Dadvice: Header
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Advice for new dads – Dadvice: Don’t look back and wish you’d held them more…

  We are starting a brand new series today on the blog; Dadvice. Yeah, I know, I didn’t know what to call it, but thought that sounded nice and helpful. Really, it is just advice from dads for dads, on everything from pregnancy to how your relationship with your wife changes after that little bundle […]

by Helen • February 18, 2014
Expecting a Baby
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One Born Every Minute Expecting a Baby: New book released and we’re in the video! *Faints*

We were lucky enough to be able to be involved in the One Born Every Minute promotional video for their new book which is aimed at all the expectant mothers out there. Being pregnant leads to more questions than answers, and the book from One Born Every Minute, Expecting a Baby, is there to help […]

by Helen • January 24, 2014
UK maternity rights: Pregnancy test
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UK maternity rights: Offered a job when pregnant…what would you do?

This is a sponsored post. About 6 years ago, I was on a train to a job interview in the loo with a blue line staring back at me…. It was a second job interview for a new position in a rather exciting new role for me – at the end of the interview, I […]

by Helen • July 29, 2013
Exercise after birth: Taking the plunge literally...

Exercise after birth: 10 tips for getting your butt back in the pool

This is an advertorial post written in collaboration with Speedo. I have written about my “love” of exercise before, exercise after birth was something that other women did, and it wasn’t something that I wanted to get back into anytime soon…I used all manner of excuses not to do it; work, health, tiredness, anything… I […]

by Helen • June 6, 2013
Second and third pregnancy: Is it easier going from two to three and one to two?
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Your second pregnancy? It’s a numbers game…

A friend asked me today whether I found it more of a challenge going from one child to two or the two to three? Interesting question I thought. Is it harder after the second pregnancy, the third, and so on? Honestly, in some ways the first bit was exactly the same –  juggling children with a […]

by Beckie • November 20, 2012