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20 pregnancy facts that will surprise you (and maybe even the baby!)

Pregnancy has is one of the most important times in a woman’s life. Sometimes pregnancy surprises us all; the changes in our bodies, both good and bad. But what are the real Pregnancy Facts?!?

Today we would like to share with you some pregnancy facts that will really surprise you.

20 pregnancy facts that will surprise you (and maybe even the baby!)

Pregnancy facts that will surprises you

From the 20 points in our inforgraphic, we would like to share 10 facts that have surprised us the most.

The longest pregnancy on record is 375 days.

Waiting for the delivery time is very thrilling, especially when it is on the third semester and it is almost 9 months. At the same time, the baby is getting bigger and bigger. 375 days of pregnancy? Wow – no words other than that!

Your heart gets bigger during pregnancy.

Well, this happens naturally to get extra blood for the baby. Isn’t it something extraordinary that a mother’s body has provided everything for the coming of her baby? Some might also so it gets bigger because it fills with love. *yuk as my daughter would say*

One in every 2,000 babies is born with a tooth.

Have you ever seen a newborn baby that has teeth already because it is really rare? However, it is a fact that there are one in every 2,000 babies born with one. That really surprised us; seems quite high, but then, I don’t know anywhere near 2,000 mums 😉.

Sensitive Smells

Did you hate some smells during pregnancy? Yes? Have you ever wondered why it happens?. It is to make sure we are alert enough to stop us from eating foods we shouldn’t eat because of those little babies.

Morning sickness

It is very interesting that morning sickness is good for the baby growing in the womb; make us feel better about it perhaps? ‘Morning Sickness’ protects the feotus in it’s most vulnerable stage; when the organs are first start developing. It works by clearing your system of substances that typically carry microbes or toxins.

Babies can cry in the womb

Most of us probably think that babies cry for the first time when they are born so they can get more oxygen iinto their tiny little lungs. It seems that it is wrong too! They have cried in the womb before they are even born.

Your blood volume can increase by up to 50% during pregnancy

Isn’t it amazing that our bodies change so much to help support the new life growing inside of us all? The increase of the blood volume is to make sure we are all equiped to be able to get food to the baby as fast and efficiently as possible.

Sex during Pregnancy

Some people are worried about having sex during pregnancy. The good news is that sex is safe during normal pregnancy, so don’t worry. You can keep on keeping on! 😉 💞

Daddy shares pregnancy symptoms

Some Father’s can even share the pregnancy symptoms – though I doubt some of the more extreme ones…and in some cases, perhaps the slightly more overweight look could be because there is less exercise and more beer involved than before? 😂

Baby fingerprints

You baby has it’s own identifiers in the womb too – fingerprints develop early on, in the first three months inside in fact.

Many women are curious on how pregnancy gives effects to them, babies, families, and people around. Today I would like to share some pregnancy facts that will surprise you.

20 amazing facts about being pregnant

Here are 10 other pregnancy facts that might surprise you. Check them out in the infographic below. Which one’s are the most amazing for you?

20 Amazing Facts About Being Pregnant, courtesy of

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Mike Marko

Friday 9th of February 2018

Wow, I'm amazed. Now I know what's baby doing in the womb. lol

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