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15 quick tips to help you get a great start as a new mum

Becoming a first time mum can make you feel loved, empowered, filled with a new sense of belonging – and totally clueless. Being a new mum isn’t an easy thing to get used to….

New mums are always offered advice, and sometimes it gets overwelming. So here are just 15 things to help you get off to a good start as a new mum with that newborn. Now go and get some sleep! ;-)

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It doesn’t matter how many baby books you read in advance, or how many friends with children you speak to, there’s just no way you can be prepared for everything that’ll happen once your bundle of joy finally appears on the scene.

We know one new mum who was reduced to tears when her newborn baby’s skin started peeling a few days after birth, despite the fact this is perfectly normal.

Whether it’s how to get your baby to sleep or how often they should feed, sometimes you just wish there was an expert you could go to for help.

And now – thanks to our old friend the Internet – there is. The guys and girls at WaterWipes have put together a panel of experts to answer all your mothering – and fathering queries.

Their Take2ForMums videos are a series of snackable, two minute pieces of video content, just the right length to watch while enjoying a cuppa. Featuring experts like UK parenting guru Kate Barlow, sleep expert Teresa Boardman, columnist Alison Canavan and midwife.

Margaret Merrigan Feenan, the Take2ForMums experts have years of combined wisdom, putting you and baby in very safe hands. And we love the central message, that mums deserve time out, that the best way to take care of baby is by taking care of yourself, even if it is just for two minutes at a stretch.

We’ve transcribed one of the videos below – give the rest a watch at:

The one piece of advice for every new parent to help them to survive


The one piece of advice I would give to every new parent is trust yourself and trust your instinct. You know best; don’t compare yourself to others and don’t try and be everything to everybody. Really the one piece of advice I would give all new parents is keep it simple.


The one piece of advice I’d give to every new parent is to look after themselves. They must get rest, they must eat properly and when they’re rested and well fed they will be able to look after the needs of their small baby much better.


I think it’s being consistent, and to enjoy it because the first few weeks just fly by and you forget them very, very quickly and then suddenly you turn around and you’ve got a baby that is 6 months old. They’re giggling at you, they’re babbling away – I think enjoy.


Accept help.

I think that in the beginning new mums and dads just want to be seen to be coping and to be seen to be on top of things and I think that more parents should accept help, you know from a neighbour who says “Can I get you anything at the shops?” or “What can I do?” and have a list of things that perhaps you need to get done for that day and accept people’s help.

The other titles for the videos included in the series are:

  1. Baby’s milestones,
  2. Parenting types,
  3. Happy parent, happy child,
  4. Expert insights for dads,
  5. The most common question from new mums,
  6. Coping with being a new mum,
  7. Expert insights on child sleep issues,
  8. Five tips for getting baby to sleep,
  9. Expert insights on sleep and stress,
  10. Expert insights on newborn essentials,
  11. Expert insights on newborn skin,
  12. Expert nappy changing tips,
  13. Expert insights on the first month as a new mum, and
  14. Cleaning with WaterWipes.

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Catherine Anderson

Sunday 29th of May 2016

Just subscribe to the channel. Tons of useful videos there. I highly recommend to all mamas.


Friday 20th of May 2016

This is so true: that the best way to take care of baby is by taking care of yourself. Wonderful post. So many videos you have for new mums. Thumbs up!

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