Nits in hair - yuk. There is nothing worse than finding nits in your kids hair. What can you do? We have the answer, and there is no washing, only one application and its totally natural too!
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8 reasons to use THIS way to get rid of nits in hair

We are far from shy in talking about nits in hair on KiddyCharts. We all know how rubbish it is getting them. Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell via Unsplash They are a fact of family life, and if your child has reached the age of ten and you haven’t experienced the joy of going through your kids […]

by Helen • May 20, 2016
Head Lice Treatment: Top tips from the web
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Parenting Tips Linky: Head lice treatment – blitz those nits!

  When you have children, people say that you will loose sleep, they tell you that life will never be the same again. However, they don’t tell you that you will end up scrabbling around for head lice treatment at some point in your life because you have just discovered horrible little creatures crawling all […]

by Helen • May 2, 2014
Head Lice: Myths
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Head lice mythbusters

Head lice – lovely, eh? I know its a Wednesday morning, and who wants to hear about head lice,and more importantly – again…as we wrote about how to keep nits and head lice away last week. As I said then though, they are a fact of life for the parents of young ones, so how […]

by Helen • October 9, 2013
Nits: Helping prevent them
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Nit-tastic: Top Five Tips to keep nits away

Nobody tells you before you have kids that things will live in and on them… It is horrible when you meet your first worm, or spy your first nit crawling through your kids hair. Its that sinking feeling that something icky has found its way onto your kid; coupled with the inevitable guilt that you […]

by Helen • October 2, 2013