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Miscarriage: A mother’s personal story

  18 and pregnant Finding out that your 18 year old daughter is pregnant is not always the best news in the world and I’ll admit to being shocked and saddened by it.  I’d always had a tricky relationship with her and it did feel like yet another blow in the storm that we were […]

by Alison • May 14, 2014
Dealing with miscarriage: It's got to be OK to talk...
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Dealing with miscarriage: It should be OK to talk about it…

Most of us are aware that miscarriage is extremely common.  But that doesn’t make dealing with miscarriage any easier. It is believed that up to 20% of all clinically recognised pregnancies end in miscarriage (  ) and that up to 1 in 8 women will experience a pregnancy loss at some point.  Despite this, miscarriage […]

by Katie Clark • May 7, 2014
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Understanding death: 12 top tips to help your little ones

Last week we had a phone call from my sister in law saying that perhaps we should go and visit my husband’s Grandmother. She is in her mid nineties and until fairly recently was completely independent but over the last few months has had a series of problems, a spell is hospital and is now […]

by Beckie • February 12, 2014
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Being a Mum Without a Mum – Coping with Bereavement

With the imminent arrival of her new baby, Andrea had to face the prospect that she may lose her own mother before she was to become a mum herself.  Here, Andrea tells us her story of bereavement.  Be warned …. have a tissue ready …. 5 days before I was due to be induced I […]

by Andrea Vasey • October 17, 2013