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Rewards for kids: Maybe all they want is time?

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We often get asked about what rewards are suitable to be used with our reward charts; what rewards for kids do we recommend? So not being one to remain silent, I thought it sensible to write a blog post on it to address this with everyone.


That’s what my kids like the most; granted that doesn’t work for everyone, which is why our reward chart template allows you to choose what works best for your family. But we have it split down into a relatively simple concept….

Rewards for kids: giving a little time goes a long way

Rewards for kids: giving a little time goes a long way

We have a few to chose from at KiddyCharts, because we want to be flexible. There are rewards based around giving time to your kids, and some where money is involved more than others. I have to be honest in that we favour the time-based ones. Some of these do require a little bit of dosh, such as buying the craft materials, or paying to get in to go swimming, but the most important thing for us as a family is that they mean we spend good family time together.

Even some of the ones you might class as largely “money-based” or material involve you spending a bit of time with the kids, such as going to a cafe, or out to lunch.

Personally, we like to avoid the “buying a toy” standard. We have used it in the past though, but its been the £1.00 to spend in the charity shop not spending a fortune on the latest Lego craze, or Barbie doll.

All kids often want is time and attention, and that’s so easy to give. So why not do that for the reward at the end of those sticker chart successes, rather than have to break the bank with a toy? In addition, you may find yourself on a slippery slope that way, with your little ones demanding more and more from you. Start small and stay small, that’s my motto for rewards!  It keeps us and them saner in the long run.

In fact, if they are happy with a sticker on their sticker chart – why have another reward at all!

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