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Baby body language: It’s not all cooing and gurgling!


Baby body language: its not just about the cooing...

Baby body language: its not just about the cooing…

When you think about baby talk, do you think about cooing and gurgling?

Well, I don’t! I think about what they are saying to us using baby body language; with their faces and mouths. I think this way because my mother is deaf. She doesn’t use sign language and is an expert at lip-reading! In childhood my mother and I learnt so much from one another not with words or speech but through the world of body language and non-verbal expressions. In looking at one another we learnt to understand all we needed to in our wordless world. Although I was born hearing I instinctively followed my mother’s way of understanding and gathered all I needed non-verbally.

Much can be learnt from the world of the non-verbal and you can learn so much about your baby and their world just through simple observation. This is a gift – a gift you and your baby will benefit from.

I know you’re a busy parent but if you have a baby and a few minutes please spend a little time every day looking at your baby and observing their baby body language. Your observation will help you develop such amazing understanding of your little one. You can learn all about your little ones hunger, thirst, tiredness, need for a nappy/diaper change, need for contact, over stimulation, constipation and even ill health and all of this way before your little one reaches the crying stage!

Observation will support you:

  • To know all about your baby
  • In easing frustration and distress
  • To improve communication
  • To create an environment for growth and development
  • To bond further
  • In helping brain development in your baby
  • And so creating a happy baby and a happy you!
Baby body language - watch them as often as you can and you'll learn to read them...

Baby body language – watch them as often as you can and you’ll learn to read them…


This is a guest post from Vivien Sabel, who is a parenting expert who has recently published her book “The Blossom Method,” which offers parents a revolutionary way to communicate with their baby; before the tears even start. Today, she looks at raising confident kids.

How do you watch your baby and when – do let us know below?

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