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Funny things kids say: Dusting for prints

Funny things kids say: Dusting for prints

Funny things kids say: Dusting for prints

Last week, the lovely lady cutting my hair told me something so cute about the funny things kids say, I just had to share….

I always go to the same wonderful hairdressers in Saffron Walden, Pritti Ansome. They have looked after my kids hair and the associated tantrums from when they were extremely small. Now they look after mine, and my associated tantrums as well…

In fact, the poor gentleman that runs the place used to be a VERY, scary man, according to my then two-year old Chatterbox. She would cower behind me whenever he came into the room. He may be a Tottenham fan, but that’s still no reason to be THAT scared of him.

The hairdresser in question’s husband’s daughter is ten; she wandered in while my hairdresser was watching a bit of a whodunit on the telly. Rather than traumatise her, she paused it just as they were in the process of examining a crime scene.

“What are they doing?”

she asked, which was a pretty fair question, and as there was no blood and guts involved:

“Just dusting for prints…”

that lovely hairdresser said in reply…

“Oh – what do you mean?”

Further explanation was required of this “dusting” activity. I can’t imagine too many ten-year olds have come across that. It’s not high on Jacqueline Wilson’s list of priorities one imagines. She was given the standard briefing around criminals, fingerprints, and finding whodunit. Then she was asked what she had thought it had meant….

“Oh, I thought they were dusting for the prince”

Now wouldn’t that have been much nicer? Maybe they should get a chore chart from us so its all done properly!?!

What have your kids said that has just made you smile – do share!

I have added this to the Wot So Funee linky over at Family Four Fun – check it out!

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Susan Mann

Friday 30th of November 2012

lol love it x

Actually Mummy...

Thursday 29th of November 2012

brilliant! If only a chore chart could really bring a prince - GG would be right on it!


Friday 30th of November 2012

I bet she would - come to think of it, so would I! ;-)


Thursday 29th of November 2012

Awwww - wouldn't it, the minds of children is a much better place than the reality we live in ;) Thanks for linking xx


Friday 30th of November 2012

Aren't they just - an no worries...I love this linky :-)

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