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Little star reviews…. Pop Party 10

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Pop Party 10 Review - One Direction

One Direction a hit with Stuntboy – Bootiful

We are proud to say we have branched out in the reviews to include music. Music is a great reward for our behaviour charts; not least because you can enjoy it too! So when we were asked to review Pop Party 10 from Universal Music, we jumped at the chance.

What is it?

It’s a CD – shocking I know. Its a double one with all the latest pop hits for those of us who are into that kind of thing. Good tunes for kiddies parties to get them up and boogie. There are 22 songs, plus a bonus DvD and song lyrics.

Age suitability

Anyone with a bottom to wiggle would like this; so from 18 months to 80 if you have a Gran that likes a bit of a shuffle.

Did the kids like it?

The first song on the first CD is Psy and Gangnam Style. So the kids loved it. Chatterbox has been wandering about singing “Sexy Lady” far too often for my liking actually. But even I am finding the song growing on me… The other pop songs are great for the kids too, Stuntboy has taken to singing,

“You don’t know your bootiful”

So as not to be out-done by his sister’s sexy lady. However, he does seem to have a bit of the Bernard Matthews about him when he does it… There are great songs from Cheryl Cole, One Direction, Tulisa, Psy, The Wanted, Rianna – the list goes on…so something for everyone really.

Did mummy like it? I am having a mid-life crisis and listening to Radio One far more than I should. So yes, I am ashamed to admit it – I love it *don’t tell anyone, please*

Overall score:

9/10 from the kids – mainly because its a bit like listening to the best Pop songs from Radio One which the kids are living on at the moment

8/10 from me – great songs that can even get this nearly 40-year old bottom boogie-ing in the car. High praise indeed as it takes a lot to shift it after having had two kids, and two many cakes…

We were sent the CD free of charge, all the opinions and boogie-woogie are my own though.

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