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Mummy’s doing homemade Christmas decorations – really?

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I don’t do craft – it’s not me. I always end up finding glitter in my hair, or stick my hands together. I would make a rubbish Christmas elf.

Because its Christmas; I cannot escape. My daughter makes me do it you know. But I actually end up liking it. So perhaps, I am not THAT bad at it after all. I just need to persevere. Historically, homemade means taking it out of it’s wrapping and following instructions…

Maybe one Christmas Brad will come home from one work and find the house beautifully decorated with prancing reindeer, snowflakes and wonderful garlands. For those of you who are far more craft minded than I, there are some great ideas for decorations in the graphic below. They are, in fact, so simple I could do them….

I know that Brad lives in hope.


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