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Little Star Presents: The Weekend Box popcorn cupcakes review

weekend box

Trying to find something different for the kids to do on wet days or days when you just want to escape the sun can be incredibly difficult unless you are one very creative, talented person.

One site solves all that for you! The Weekend Box sends out a fortnightly box of creative activities that are both fun and educational for your 4-6 year old. If you visit this link, you get a free box to try out as well, so why not give it a go?

Complete with at least 4 different activities (you may need to buy some ingredients for the cooking activity) you are all set to get creative on days when your steam has just run out.

The comes addressed to your child and C was delighted to receive his first box (and his very first item addressed to him only) It was quite a job to stop him from ripping the box open.

Popcorn Cupcakes

C decided that cupcakes were the very first activity he would like to take part in. Unfortunately it was an extremely hot day so trying to keep him interested was a bit of a job but he managed it.

We had to head out to buy some essential ingredients but the popcorn kernels were already provided along with a couple of other base ingredients.

C had great fun watching the popcorn ‘pop’ in the saucepan, closely watched by nanna. He stirred the ingredients in the bowl and then we added the popcorn in and gave another stir.

weekend box


Next up was adding the cupcake cases into the tin and for C to add in the mixture.


weekend box


All that was left to do was add the cupcakes into the fridge for 20 minutes and to give C one of the stickers that came with the pack to his card.


weekend box


What C thought

C absolutely loved this, especially when the popcorn dropped off his spoon and somehow made its way to his mouth! He liked to take part in every single part of it, though had to be supervised with the actual popcorn ‘popping’.

What Nanna thought

This is a great introduction into cooking. I really liked that most of the ingredients were provided and we only had to buy oil for popping the kernels and honey to bind the popcorn together. The instruction card was really well laid out with step by step actions for completing the tasks. There was even a star that can be added to the card to show completion of a given activity.


The Weekend Box is a subscription service with the first box starting at just £1.49.  Boxes are sent fortnightly at a cost of £7.50.  These boxes are definitely well worth the money when you consider that practically everything is provided for you, you just need to get a few of the cooking ingredients.

Other crafts in this box

Popcorn cupcakes was just one of the activities that we reviewed for this post. Others that were included in the box were:

  • Grown your own sunflowers
  • Make your own facemask
  • Create and play a board game

If you like what you see, why not sign up and get a free box to try it out at The Weekend Box – it really is that simple!

We were provided this product for review, but all opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Wednesday 13th of August 2014

My babies would love these activities!

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