Underpans Wonderpants: CoverParragon Books publish, amongst other things, some really lovely childrens books, some of which we have previously been lucky enough to enjoy and review. As the kids really love spending time ‘reading’ and being read to, we were more than happy to be on the receiving end of yet another fab book from Parragon as a Paragon Book Buddy Blog – this time its ‘Underpants Wonderpants‘!

What is it?

Underpants Wonderpants is a 32 page paperback picture book by Peter Bently, the author who wrote Underpants Thunderpants (if you are not familiar with that story in ‘brief’ it is about Dog and his underpants that blow away during a storm…!!). This time our hero, Dog, spends his time having all kinds of adventures whilst saving the day with nothing other than underpants power! Even managing to single-handedly sort out some aliens that are planning on taking over Earth!

‘Is it an eagle? Is it a plane? No- Its Underpants Wonderpants to the rescue again!’

What did the kids think?

Bean (4) and Roo (2) really enjoyed this story, there was a lot of chuckling at the pant gags as you would expect from boys their age! Bean did get it confused with another alien/underpant themed book but seemed to find this one more laugh out loud funny – particularly the bit where the aliens got catapulted back into space by a ‘wonderpants sling.’ It really sparked their imaginations and triggered a lot of hilarious questions and comments…

“How does he make underpants??…I know how he makes underpants. He eats underpants, then he makes underpants…”

(…which is a fair point…)

With so much going on in it, the kids have often been inclined to sit and look through the pages of this book on their own, mostly pointing out all the different underwear…

“Which one would you wear?”

What did mummy & daddy think?

We have also been enjoying this book, mainly because we enjoy the boys enjoying it. Its not the kind of book that is going to find itself ‘lost’ under a bed, I think we’ll be happy to have it as a regular bedtime story as it would take a while to get bored of it. The illustrations are lovely and colourful and add another dimension to the story; the ability to go off on a tangent and wonder about what’s going on in the background is essential to the longevity of a book in our house. The rhyming is fun and flows well so is easy to read, and easy for the little ones to follow.

Overall 9/10

A winner with everyone in our household, and a book we will continue to enjoy for quite a while.


Have you read this book? What did you think?

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