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Little Star presents….Chatterbox’s Hello Kitty Friendship Club book review

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[pullquote]She is a monkey and when I say monkey I mean the animal, not a cheeky little cat or girl.[/pullquote]

Hello Kitty Frienship Club ReviewMy daughter and son devoured the swagbag from a very successful trip to Britmums 2013 in record time…about 10 seconds flat by my reckoning.

And THE item that caused the biggest stir, apart from the biscuits of course, was a small, pink book with a picture of a wee cat on it….

Over to Chatterbox….

“One morning I read the book called Hello Kitty’s Friendship club. If I gave it a marking out of 10 it would be 10 and I would recommend it for the girls out there and mabye boys. I suggest 6 or over is a good age for the people reading it. It will teach you to let other people have turns and all of you agree on ideas. My favourite character out of Hello Kitty, Mimmy, Mama, Papa, Tammy, Fifi, Dear Daniel it is Tammy because she is very cute. She is a monkey and when I say monkey I mean the animal, not a cheeky little cat or girl.”

So there you have it the definitive answer as to whether its a good book straight from the pen, well iPad, of a seven your old girl.

Just in case you were wondering, it really did only take her an hour to read it, and she didn’t put in down once – so that’s a bit more endorsement for you right there. I have to be honest though, this household was always going to love Hello Kitty books…and I can’t imagine why for the life of me, can you?

Does your little one like Hello Kitty as well? Have they read this, if so, did they like it? Who is their favourite character?

We were provided with this book for free for the purposes of this review. This post contains affiliate links.


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

I did, somehow, end up with 2 copies of the book, so may just see if my boys are interested in it, being as it's got such a good review.


Wednesday 26th of June 2013

And from a seven year old too! Thanks for popping by and commenting my dear.

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