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Making a piggy bank with Jacdo craft kits

These gorgeous craft kits come in a lovely suitcase, and are really easy for kits to do. Open that suitcase and you are away. Once the craft kits are completed, the suitcase is a wonderful gift on its own as well.

My daughter loves a bit of craft, as the articles within our activities category on this blog suggest. She is just as creative, if not more so, than I am, and at nearly ten years old, is starting to come up with her own ideas for how her crafts should look. She is therefore the ideal candidate for taking a look at Jacdo and their craft kits, which the company recently brought out on their website. These are a new range for the company, that runs alongside their subscription service. They are designed to offer a great gifting option for crafts.

What are the Jacdo gift craft kits?

These charming craft kits from Jacdo make a charming birthday or Christmas present.

There are a number of craft kits on the market, from larger, and more established retailers. Jacdo have managed to create an original spin on the craft kit idea though, by putting their kits into a lovely little suitcase. These are re-useable, so once you have made the craft, you then you not only have the fruits of your endeavours to enjoy, but a wee suitcase too. We all know how much kids love to pack random stuff into suitcases, don’t we? Well, now they’ll have a little mini one of their own to enjoy ;-)

The Jacdo craft kits suitcases are just as gorgeous as the crafts!

The suitcases are gorgeous designs as well, as you can see from this Very Hungry Caterpillar case, which our piggy bank came in – just as exciting as the kit itself!

The piggy bank craft kit comes with all you need to make and decorate your pig, which you are provided with too of course. You are given everything from paint to stickers, and even a paintbrush; all of which help you on your way to making your little money box.

What did we think of the Jacdo piggy bank craft kit?

As soon as it was opened, my daughter was away – it was easy to see what needed to be done, so she required little supervision in making her craft. She is nine, and smaller children would need a little guidance, but not too much really. The idea is clear, and the options for decoration varied, so that most kids would be able to use their imagination to come up with their unique take on the piggy bank.

Look at us making our little piggy bank from the JacDo craft kit!

For very young children, I guess that you might need to be a little more hands on, depending on whether you actually wanted your pig to look like a pig – but that could be a bit boring, right?

The contents of the craft kit were perfect for what we were going to make, with the right amount of paint, and decorations, to create a charming character for your little one’s bedroom.

The piggy bank itself was quite small, but more than sufficient for a child’s pocket money, unless you are planning on giving them enough each week to significantly dent Toys R’ Us’ shelves.

Small but perfectly formed piggy banks - my daughtyer loved paiting this from Jacdo's craft kits

Overall 9/10

There are cheaper craft kits on the market, but there are certainly none as charming as these. The suitcases they are presented in are a perfect gift in themselves, particularly for younger children who LOVE to pack and un-pack for hours on end!

The piggy bank is well made, and robust, which, as my daughter managed to drop it, proved to be quite useful. She only dropped it a short distance, but there was every chance it could have broken – thankfully it didn’t.

Putting our money in the Jacdo craft kits piggy bank :-D

These craft kits retail at £7.95, which given the amount of items provided with them, as well as the suitcase, we would consider to be good value for money. We would definitely recommend these as either a birthday or Christmas present for all those little crafters out there.

This is a sponsored review, so we have been paid for the time taken to write, photograph and thoroughly tinker about with this craft kit. However, all opinions are our own; and as you know from previous reviews, my daughter’s opinion counts ;-)

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