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Little Star presents…Invitation cards Papershaker review – get 25% off YOUR orders too!

My daughter is going to be eight in three weeks time.

My daughter then – and now!


Once I have got over the initial shock of this – as it doesn’t seem like eight years since I first hugged her close, there is the horrible realisation that I might actually need to organise a party which means we need to get invitation cards for her friends…

Thankfully, eight is the age where we seem to be out-growing the big, loud parties that involve lots of games, crying and chaos. This year, we are just going to Build-a-Bear with a few friends. *breathes sigh of relief*

We still need those birthday invites though, so I was pleased to be introduced to another site in the Photobox family; PaperShaker which offers personalised kids party invitation cards, wedding invitations and other personalised stationery for you to order.

Invitation cards: PaperShaker homepage

PaperShaker homepage


The site is nicely laid out, and easy to follow, and my daughter was thrilled to be able to choose the designs with me – she is a bit of a girlie girl, so was even more excited at the rather fluffy layout of the site too. There are designs suitable for both boys and girls though….

…but she was hell bent on getting a bear on her invites for her party, given what we were intending to do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one of those, but we did manage to find something that tinkled her fancy as there was still a good deal of choice, despite the lack of bears. There are a good range of designs and layouts to pick from….

PaperShaker designs – which would you choose?


Chatterbox was keen on getting a simple one to show off one of her favourite photos to her friends, so we picked a simple princess carriage design. This is our chosen design….looks rather lovely don’t you think?

Invitation Cards: Papershaker Your Carriage Awaits Design

PaperShake Design we went for: Your Carriage Awaits


After picking this, we found it simple to add in the details of what we wanted on the card, and to upload the photograph that we were going to have on the front cover for everyone to see. We have just come back from Paris Disneyland, and it was a photo from that trip that my daughter chose to include on the card – Minnie Mouse was a big hit with us!

Invitation cards: Papershaker final design

Our finished design for the invitation cards we ordered.


We placed the order, after confirming that we were happy with the proof, and waited for the cards – they were with us only a day or so later – a good delivery service, particularly when I usually leave these things to the last minute….luckily this time, Chatterbox was in charge!

Invitation cards: Papershaker final delivery

Our invitation cards arrived – yeah!


The quality of the finished designs is very good, and certainly worth the £12.90 that they would have cost (plus £1.49 postage). We got ten copies of our card, and Chatterbox had a lot of fun writing her friends’ names, and popping them in the right envelopes. Job done! Now all mummy has to do is make sure there is a cake as well. ;-)

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We were compensated for this post, and provided with £25 credit in order to purchase cards from the site. All opinions are Chatterbox and my own though, including the bit about the bears.

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