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What The Wizard of Oz teaches our kids

We have been sharing how films can provide excellent lessons for our kids with you over recently weeks, including ideas from Wizard of Oz, Toy Story 4, Secret Life of Pets 2, and Willy Wonka. These ideas are all part of the Intofilm home learning hub, which offers some wonderful resources for schools and parents to help making learning fun. Today, we are looking at the classic, and charming Wizard of Oz to share with you how we can use The Wizard of Oz to teach our kids.

What The Wizard of Oz teaches our kids

This activities within this printable are focused on the music and the story within the film, alongside the morals the characters represent.

Points to discuss within Wizard of Oz

Key areas to think about in The Wizard of Oz include:

  • What do you know about the characters in the film already?
  • What do you remember about the songs in the films?
  • What do you think Dorothy is singing about in Somewhere over the Rainbow?
  • How did you film when the filmed changed from black and white to colour?

Plus lots of other thoughts and ideas for you to discuss with parents and teachers.

Extension activity

If you would like to think a little beyond the film, IntoFilm have an idea for an extension activity based around it.

Perhaps you can write a letter to a friend of a family member chatting about the film; how it made you feel, what the story was about, and whether you liked it or not?

This is a lovely way to clarify how you felt about the film overall, putting it into context.

Wizard of Oz worksheet

If you want a sneak peak of the worksheet for The Wizard of Oz – here it is….

What The Wizard of Oz teaches our kids

The Wizard of Oz is a timeless classic, with some charming moments, wonderful songs, and key discussion points for children. It may be a historical moment in cinematic history, but it can be a great way to show children the meaning of determination, courage, and the importance of family and friends.

In order to download this resource, as usual on the site, you just need to click on the square image below – and the content is yours. Any problems with getting the asset, don’t forget to contact us.

What The Wizard of Oz teaches our kids

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Other sites with suggestions on how to use The Wizard of Oz to help kids to learn.

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