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Wildflower Identification: Get the kids spotting town plants and more!

What is your little ones favorite flower? Would you like to learn more about wildflowers and help save them for future generations to enjoy too? So would we.

We now have a lot less contact with nature than previous generations had. There are a lot less flowers around us, and we seem to have less time to enjoy them.

A great way to connect to nature and enjoy flowers is taking part in the Great British Wildflower Hunt.

You and your kids will have masses of fun spotting all kinds of wildflowers and learning about them. You will also help make sure that there are more flowers in nature, so that the next generations can enjoy them, by letting Plantlife know what you have found in your hunt.

So what are you waiting for, let’s go wildflower hunting!

Free Wildflower Identification Printables

We really hope you will get involved in the Great British Wildflower Hunt. To get you started, we are sharing these spotter sheets with you. We strongly believe kids (and us) should be encouraged to explore.

There is no such thing as knowing too much about local wildlife and wildflowers. Print the sheets and go on an adventure right away.
To get your free wildflower identification printables, all you need to do is to click on any of the two images below.

How many of these wild flowers do you already know? We are sure you can name at least a few – if nothing else, perhaps the daisy or dandelion?

We think all of these flowers are little wonders of nature and it’s hard to pick which one is the prettiest; we do think all of them are gorgeous. Which on is your child’s favourite?

Read all the fascinating information about these yellow and white flowers and learn and find them one by one.

On the next printable sheet, the flowers are red and pink.

We are almost certain you all know and can identify a common poppy when you see one, but can you spot a opium poppy

Would you know what a purple toadflax is if you’d seen one?
We do think that it is almost certain that your kids already know the snapdragon, as this one is one of the more fun flowers around; squeeze the flowers (gently) to open their “mouth”.

Print out this sheet today and go on a wild flower hunt.

Where is your next hunting wildflowers locations going to be? A walk in the country or around the town?

There is a wildflower spotter sheet for both so hop on over to to get your other spotter sheets.

Wondering who Plantlife are?

Fungi, plants and wild flowers are essential for supporting life and all our wildlife. Their colour and character light up our landscapes, so it is extremely important to protect their future and celebrate their beauty. This priceless natural heritage is in danger of being lost. We would do well to educate our children that it won’t be around forever without our help.

Plantlife work nationally here in the U.K. and internationally to raise awareness and protect plants for future generations. 

So come on – nip over to their site and offer your support. 😉

Free Wildflower Identification Printables for Kids

If you are looking for other ideas for the kids, and like a bit of messy play fun – do check out our recipe for Oobleck as well. It is one of our most popular posts!

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Nick Davison

Monday 2nd of October 2017

Those printables look great, anything that gets the kids off of the console and out in the sunshine doing something fun and educational is definately worth a try, I am going to print these out and save them for next year, thanks Helen!

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