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Tissue box guitar: How to make a guitar for kids at home

We have another craft in our series of musical ideas courtesy of The Sound Collector. This time we are sharing with you have to make a guitar. This is the classic tissue box guitar craft that we are sure some of you will be familiar with. However, you are probably a bit like we were, and struggle to remember the details! 😂

This image is demonstrating how to make a guitar out of a tissue box, masking tape, cardboard tube, rubber bands, scissors, and paint.

First of all, let’s explain how you can build your own tissue box guitar, including offering the details of what you need to get started.

What do you need for your tissue bow guitar

  • Tissue, box, obviously 😂,
  • Cardboard tube of kitchen roll,
  • Scissors,
  • Masking tape,
  • 4-6 large rubber bands, and
  • Paint or Pens

How to make your own guitar

Once you have gathered all you need – this is the way to make your own guitar:

In this image, a person is being instructed on how to make their own guitar using a tissue box, masking tape, cardboard tube, rubber bands, scissors, and paint or pens.
  1. First of all, make sure you have the design that you would like for your tissue box guitar. Paint or decorate it in any way you would like,
  2. Using the cardboard tube as your guide; draw a slightly smaller hole on the shorter side of the tissue box,
  3. Cut out the hole, with an adult’s help if you need it, and thyen slide the tube inside. It should be a nice snug fit, then secure it with masking tape to the tissue box.
  4. Add your guitar strings by stretching the rubber bands over the tissue box, and on top of the hole where you pull the tissues out. Use may want to use 6 of them for your guitar, but if you only have 4 of them, don’t worry, that is a ukulele instead!
  5. Now you are done, so get playing! Print out the activity for more ideas and questions too.

We hope you agree that this is rather an awesome idea. If you want to check out some of the other The Sound Collector ideas, do take a look at how to make a diy kazoo and our make your own maracas craft as well.

To download the full activity sheet for the tissue box guitar; click on the button or the image below:

In this image, instructions are given on how to make a guitar or ukulele out of a tissue box, cardboard tube, masking tape, rubber bands, and paint or markers.

Why bother making a homemade guitar?

Making a tissue box guitar is not only a super fun and engaging activity for children, but it also provides a fantastic opportunity to boost their learning, motor, and musical skills! 🎸🌟 The thrill of creating something new from scratch helps children develop their creativity and imagination, opening up a world of possibilities. Hands-on activities like this one are incredibly beneficial in improving children’s problem-solving abilities, as they learn to think critically and adapt as they go along.

A musician strums an acoustic guitar in an indoor setting.

As children strum away on their handmade guitars, they’re given an effective outlet to express their emotions and explore the world of sound and rhythm. 🎶 This process helps them to better understand music and fosters a love for creative expression.

Above all, it’s essential to remember that having fun while learning is key. 🥳 By making a tissue box guitar, children are encouraged to embrace their creativity and imagination, all while acquiring valuable skills that will extend far beyond the creation of their musical masterpiece.

So, let’s get crafting and bring out the inner musicians in our little ones! 🎵👩‍🎤👨‍🎤

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Kids are making their own guitar out of a tissue box, rubber bands, and other materials, and using the provided instructions to do so.

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