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Grow your family’s green thumb: 5 Simple tips for a beautiful family garden

Do you find yourself looking out the window just hoping to spend more time outside in your garden? Perhaps you do, but then you take a moment to really look at the state of your garden. If it is in a state of disrepair or merely requires some time attention, consider these 4 top tips for a great family garden, giving you inspiration to get started right away!

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This image provides advice on creating a kid-friendly garden space, with five tips and a chart of ideas for parents and caregivers.

1. Create a decking area

If you do not have a dedicated or clearly defined outdoor space, the perfect solution is to add aluminium decking from A decking area is the place you step onto when you move from your home’s interior to the outdoors. It is where you will sit and watch your kids play and spend leisurely time eating meals with one another.

The cat lies on the wooden deck.

The addition of aluminium decking with incorporated drainage solutions is a smart decision, as it can add to your property value and enhance your garden. The aluminium materials are safe, resistant to flames, and long-lasting, with a great aesthetic appeal. Aluminium is easy to take care of, too. You can sweep off any debris or leaves and hose it down for a quick cleaning.

Place an outdoor table and chair set that can withstand the elements on your new decking. Add an umbrella or awning if you need more shade from the sun or protection from a bit of rain. This will be a place you gravitate towards time and again for the fresh air and sunshine. A morning cuppa before the rest of the family wakes up will be perfect here. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all of the snacks in between can be taken in this lovely new space.

2. Add a play area

If you have the space in your garden consider adding a climbing structure. You can purchase a prefabricated set that you put together yourself, find plans online, or create your own based on your space constraints and children’s interests and abilities. You will be amazed at how much time your kids spend in this area. Their creativity will know no bounds, and they will have a place of their own to burn off extra energy.

Place soft bedding below and for a few feet around the structure to prevent accidents when those inevitable falls and tumbles occur. This is easily accomplished with play sand, small pieces of mulch, or ground and recycled tyres.

Watch this video for one family’s creative take on building a garden play set. 

Family DIY | We build the garden play set | Bespoke custom made playground |

Always be mindful of safety factors and ensure your play structure suits your children’s respective ages. Include necessary safety handles and railings at strategic points. Finally, consult your local zoning or council guidelines for permits and allowable structure information in your area.

3. Install lighting

When you have lights in your garden, it becomes a more accessible space. You and your family can use the garden even when the sun goes down to extend the fun. This is useful, especially in warmer months when the whole family wants to enjoy the outdoors longer.

The flickering amber flame of the lantern lights up the night outdoors.

If you have a walking path or pavers, consider installing in-ground lighting on either side of the path. This is an attractive focal point and installing them in the ground versus alongside the path reduces tripping hazards for kids and adults alike. It is also a safety feature that allows people to see where to go to get back into the house once the sun has set. Use solar-powered lighting for an easy and environmental way to power your lighting set-up.

4. Add some decorations

Once you have your main components in place within the garden, it is time to decorate your space. Get your whole family involved in the process. Your kids will be so proud of their creations on display for everyone to see. And, they will have the chance to stay busy and learn some new skills, too.

A person wearing a sun hat stands in a garden surrounded by a tree, a flowerpot, wood, and plants with flowers.

Consider plants to be part of the overall decor of your garden. Weed or pull old plants that are no longer thriving. Plant new ones that give off a delightful and inviting fragrance or serve to ward off unwanted pests. Select plants and flowers that complement or contrast with your home’s colour palette. Hanging pots add visual interest and draw your eyesight upwards for a bigger impact.

Now that you have some realistic and attainable ideas on how to make your garden more inviting, it is time to start planning and doing. Who knows, you may even begin a new remote work life right from the comfort of your very own updated garden.

5. Consider bringing the outside in

Don’t forget that in order to create a fabulous family atmosphere in your garden, you can think a little bit outside the box. Why not look at the indoor space, and see how you can bring the outside in? For example, adding in patio doors, or folding sliding doors perhaps?

A family enjoys the outdoor furniture on their patio, sheltered by the shade of the building and the sky above.

Alternatively, consider sky lights, or even just some potted plants in the rooms that back onto the garden, giving a feeling of transition from the home into the garden in stages.

Another idea is to have garden toys that work both inside and out – so perhaps a set of bowls for indoors, that you can also use outside, as long as you keep them clean? This way kids think about playing generally, rather than playing indoors or out? Anything that encourages our kids to get outside is a bonus!

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This image provides five tips for creating a family garden, including considering decking, bringing the outside in, and adding lighting, with more information available at

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