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Shake it up: How to make maracas with your kids for fun and music!

We have another lovely musical treat from The Sound Collector this week, following the fabulous how to make a kazoo craft that we had for you recently. We are showing you how to make maracas at home now. We are sure that your kids, and you will love this new activity.

In this image, instructions are being given on how to make maracas using kitchen roll tubes, rice, masking tape, paint, dried beans, and colourful wool or ribbon.

Why making music is good for kids

Music an excellent way for kids to explore creativity & emotions. Besides, research proves making music enhances cognitive development, such as memory & communication skills, and overall brain function.

Playing an instrument with other kids provides children with opportunities for socialization & building friendships. After all, music has the power to bring children together.

The benefits of learning and making music are boundless – let’s support every child’s musical journey! 🎶

To this end, we’ve got this fabulous craft from The Sound Collector – a wonderful children’s TV series on ITVX where a small, boy collects sounds, with his friend, mole.

How to make maracas

Before making your maracas, you need to make sure you have the right materials:

  • Cardboard tube kitchen roll – the bigger ones than the toilet rolls!
  • Uncooked rice or dried lentils, dried beans, or beads, or pretty much anything that you have to hand that you think might work within the maracas,
  • Masking tape,
  • Paint, and
  • Colourful washi tape or ribbon.
In this image, people are being instructed on how to make their own maracas using cardboard tubes, kitchen roll, masking tape, rice or lentils, paint, and washi tape or ribbon.

Maracas are a fun, and fabulous craft for the kids, not least because it can get them moving. To make these maracas you need to:

  • Use tape to seal the end of the kitchen roll,
  • Take the rice, beans, or whatever it is that you have to hand,
  • Fill up the tube to about a third of the way up,
  • Tape up the other end with the rice and beans inside,
  • Decorate the kitchen roll however you would love, and
  • Shape the maracas so that you can make as much noise, and as much music as you would like with it.

All done – have fun with a few of them, or shake them on your own!

If you would like to download the instructions for making maracas, just click on the button below and they are yours:

A person is writing instructions on office supplies to create maracas, while colorful markers and ribbons are laid out nearby.

Maracas, maracas everywhere

Maracas are a fun percussion instrument that kids love to play. They are believed to have originated in Latin America and were traditionally made from gourds filled with beans or seeds. Nowadays, they are typically made of wood or plastic and often painted in bright, festive colours.

A variety of colorful lollipops are displayed.

Playing maracas can help children develop their sense of rhythm and coordination. By shaking them in time to music, children can also improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In addition to these physical benefits, playing maracas can also help children develop their auditory skills, as they learn to distinguish between different rhythms and sounds.

Playing maracas together can also be a great way for kids to learn about teamwork and cooperation. By playing together, they can learn to listen to each other and adjust their playing accordingly, resulting in a harmonious sound. Overall, maracas are a fun and educational instrument that kids can enjoy playing both alone and with others.

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The Sound Collector - Trailer - ft. Keira Knightley

Come back to see us soon won’t you.

This image is showing instructions on how to make maracas with everyday items such as kitchen roll tubes, rice, beans, and tape.

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