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Road trip conversation starters to print and take on holiday

Going on family road trips is usually the highlight of many of our summers. From trips to the seaside to weekends away, we know that the time we spend in the car with our kids can be precious. Although, often it can also feel much longer than it actually is. There’s only so many times you can hear, “Are we there yet”, before you begin to run out of ideas to keep them busy. In this post we have a road trip conversation starters free printable to keep them entertained and keep the conversation flowing.

Road trip conversation starters

The road trip conversation starters free printable is the perfect tool for you to keep the conversation going or even spark up a good chin wag with the teenagers that don’t usually talk much. We know it’s usually the younger kids who chat a lot during car trips, and the older kids don’t seem to be able to get a word in. So it’s perfect to be able to get all of the kids to join in the conversation.

Here’s what our free printable looks like.

Road trip conversation starters

As you can see, this road trip conversation starters is a single worksheet and a simple and fun way to get the conversation going with your kids, regardless of their ages.

Here are the questions you will find:

Road trip conversation starters

  1. What is your dream vacation and why?
  2. Which celebrity would you like to meet?
  3. If you could invent something helpful in the future, what would it be?
  4. What’s a weird dish you would like to try?
  5. Which country would you like to explore alone?
  6. If you could talk to a famous person in history (dead or alive) who would it be? What would you say or ask him or her?
  7. What superpower would you like to have? Why?
  8. If money wasn’t an issue, what occupation would you like to have now or in the future?
  9. Name a new trend that you think is pointless and weird.
  10. Identify a life hack that you learned from the internet that you’d like us to know, and lastly,
  11. Name someone you think would be fun to have on this road trip with us.
Road trip conversation starters

There you have it. Our questions are fun and simple enough to get a dialogue going and make the roadtrip that much more fun.

You can use these prompts on one on one car trips with your older kids as well and they will help you create a conversation and get them to open up more.

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Road trip conversation starters

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