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Farm animal bookmarks to print and colour

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We have a lovely little activity for you and the kids today; a simple set of farm animal bookmarks for you to cut out and make. We even have a set that allows your kids to add a little colouring to the bookmarks to personalise them a little for their reading needs. We are obviously very keen on getting kids reading on the site, and have loads of amazing reading resources both for free, and also around literacy in our shop. Why not take a look at everything we have before you download these bookmarks to print?

As always, we like to share a little about how to use these bookmarks, alongside what they look like; so here goes:

How to make your animal bookmarks

  1. Cut along all the sites of the bookmarks,
  2. Use a cutter to trace and cut the hands of the animal, you might need to get a little bit of adult help here. Alternatively, you can be a little rougher when cutting it out by using scissors. As long as there is overlap, the farm animals can “hold” the page of your books,
  3. Place your bookmark into the book at the place where you get to, with the hands over the edge of that page and the stem of the bookmark behind the page.

Voila – you have your farm animal bookmark making sure you don’t forget where you are in your book!

How to use your bookmarks to print

There are a few ways that you can use these bookmarks with the kids, it isn’t just about marking the books; we promise!

  • Use them as a reward for completing books. You can make each animal worth a certain number of “points” and work towards the one with the highest number – 6 books read = the sheep, as an example,
  • Give a choose of them away alongside reading certificates,
  • Find books that fit the themes of the bookmarks, and use them while you are reading them. Get your kids to help think of them, e.g. Chicken Licken, Three Little Pigs, Guy’s Adventure, The Detective Dog, and Klara the Cow. Let us know if you find anymore,
  • Use the colour in ones, and just have a bit of fun with them before you start reading, or alternatively, draw your favourite characters on them from the book you are reading, and
  • Finally, these are perfect little gifts to leave around as a random act of kindness. Write a lovely message on them promoting reading, and pop under a stone anywhere you like where they won’t get too wet. Hopefully someone will come along and pick them up and be inspired to read.

What do the bookmarks look like

There are 10 bookmarks included with five animals featured:

  • Cow,
  • Piug,
  • Dog
  • Rooster, and
  • Sheep.

We have a set of coloured ones, and then a colour-your-own set too.

To download these, just click on the button below, and you will get a PDF of them:

It really is as easy as that for you.

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