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How to conserve energy at home: Includes 15-point checklist

Cost of living tips are everywhere it seems, so we are jumping on the bandwagon (!). We have created our very own how to conserve energy at home checklist. This is just a set of tips and ideas for you all to consider, and check off once you have decided to implement them, or you have actually done them. We’ve got 15 ideas for you, and a blank space so that you can come up with your own. Alternatively, do your own research online, or with your local energy provider, and pop it on our sheet. Why not check out our other money savings ideas on site too?

We are all struggling with bill, and rising costs. It can be tempting to get too creative with things and potentially even consider energy theft, with a 400% increase in reported cases since 2017 in the UK. However, there are too many dangers associated with this. For example, trying to game the system can cause fires and explosions leading to injury and even death. Believe it or not, there are 250,000 cases of energy theft that go unreported every year, and £50 is added to everyone’s bill in the same period because of it.

Energy theft; the unknown danger

It is better to check out our legal and creative ways for saving energy. Let’s look to change the way we think and act in the home to help cut those costs.

Our 15 cost of living tips around energy

We’ve taken a look at what is best to do around the family home to reduce costs, and these are our main thoughts and tips. If you think you have more, why not pop them in the comments or contact us?

1. Take everything off standby

Take everything off standby: this is simple, but it CAN be hard to achieve in a family home as there are so many appliances. It helps if you put it into your routine to turn things off just before you go to bed,

2. Switch off the lights

Good luck with this if you have a house of teenagers… 😂 Getting into the habit of turning off lights as you leave the room is a brilliant way of learning how to conserve energy at home. Instil it early in the kids, and you’re on to a winner!

3. Dry dishes and clothes naturally

This is easier if you live in a country within a lovely climate. Those within the UK, and other temperate climates, might struggle with this in the winter. Do the best you can with the weather than you have 😊

4. Reduce the temperature in your washes

Linked to reducing the use of your dryer, why not thinking about altering the temperature if your washes, if it feels safe and hygienic to do so. Clearly, if you have to take into account nits or worms, do what you need to in the family home. If not though, drop the wash from 40 degrees to 30 degrees, you will be amazing at how much you can save.

5. Educate your kids

We have already talked a little bit about this – but it is so important, to help kids to understand why saving money, and therefore saving energy is important. It isn’t just about saving the pennies, it is also about saving the planet. Why not get some books which really hit the spot on this. There are a few relevant titles that we love, including:

6. Seal the gaps on doors and windows

You would be amazed at home much heat escapes the house because the doors and windows aren’t keeping the heat in. Consider getting draft excluders at a bare minimum. Windows are also worth checking, not just your doors.

7. Only heat the rooms you use

This seems obvious, but you would be amazed at how sometimes you end up heating the whole house because you don’t think to turn off radiators in rooms you don’t use. Check their levels as well, do they really need to be on full?

8. Consider insulating your home

Sometimes you need to spend a little to improve things, so it is worth considering what you can do about insulating your house. In particular, you might look at cavity wall insulation, or loft insulation to help bring down energy bills.

9. Consider energy efficiency when buying appliances

A number of countries have energy ratings for appliances, and it is well worth making sure you understand these before you buy. Check the ratings in your country, and consider them when you make your choices of appliance.

10. Reduce your water use

This is something that you can do whatever room you are in within the house; think about having a shower instead of a bath,. Consider boiling the kettle for exactly what you need rather than making enough for 6 cups of tea when there is only one of you drinking it. Limit the water for washing up. Only put the dishwasher on when it is full, and overnight, so that you are on a lower energy tarif.

Be water smart!

11. Alter the thermostat as needed

Sometimes we don’t need as much heat in the house because we are less active, or the weather is warmer, and the house is retaining the heat well. Adjust the thermostat according to your needs. Even better, get a programmable one, and you can adjust to your activity levels throughout the day and night.

12. Use energy efficient lighting

Don’t stick with the traditional light bulbs, get yourself LEDs, and consider compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) as well.

13. Use curtains and doors to retain heat

We don’t want to presume that you are doing some of the obvious things – so here is one of them! To keep the heat in, shut the doors when you can. And draw the curtains as well at night. Curtains are a lovely, cosy way of keeping yourself warm and safe. Don’t forget to use them.

14. Keep your freezer efficient by defrosting regularly

We hate defrosting our freezer. It is a complete pain in the proverbials. BUT, if you don’t do it regularly, say once a month, then it does become less efficient and use more energy in keeping your food safely cold. Defrost it, so you don’t end up spending more.

15. Keep reassessing and maintain good energy habits

This is last. But it IS the most important. Don’t rest on your laurels, every time you buy an appliance, or move things around in the house; think if you are being efficient. Keep checking in on yourself so that you can maintain that energy and cost consciousness throughout the time in your home. If you do this, keeping how to conserve energy at home always at the forefront of what you do, you will rock those energy bills.

What does the how to conserve energy at home checklist look like

We’ve run through everything that is on the above – and you can see we have presenting it in our usual brand style with some very funky little icons to get you excited. Hopefully this will help you to remember what you are committing too. Why not print out the checklist and stick it on your family fridge!

To download this, just click on the image or the button below, and it is yours:

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