Personalised Posters for Worried Children

You may have noticed that Chatterbox, my eldest, can be a little bit of an anxious child. Night-time seems to be when her worries come out the most; it’s when I process what has happened during the day and she is no different. Our resident parenting coach has offered some assistance on what to do if you have a worried child this week already. However, I came across a resource, which gave me an idea for something else that might work too…

Personalised posters to help you to give those worries form, and make them take flight.

Vertbaudet have a FREE resource that lets you create your own personalised posters using a number of different standard designs for your kids. Of course, you don’t have to create an anti-worry poster; that is just for my child, and their little nuances. There are five different designs which are all co-ordinated with the Vertbaudet butterfly collection.

You can choose your design, add your child’s name and birth date and a short, 25 character message on the personalised posters; just enough for my “Make Your Worries Fly” personal mantra for my daughter.

She now has this lovely poster on her wall, just by her bed. Every night she goes to sleep, she can see those little worries of hers flying away in the form of beautiful butterflies. She tells her butterflies the worries, and they just carry them off. The poster can also become a focus for you to chat about those worries, so that you can rationalise them more easily with your child. What is the main worry your child has? Why do they feel like that? What can we do to reassure them, or remove that worry.

For some reason, we have had a lot of concerns over people breaking into our house in the last few months. Undoubtedly cause by the increased awareness from an eight-year old that not everyone is a nice person. We have talked about why she thinks that might happen, what we can do to help her get over this, and most importantly, just cuddled to make her feel safe.

Visualising and talking through a child’s worries is a great way for children to be able to get those worries under control. Even to feel that they HAVE control of those fears and anxieties, making them less frightening, an overall, less, erm, worrying ;-).

These butterflies have given us a perfect solution to helping her visualise those worries; and keep them under control.

Do you think that this might work for your child? Why not give it a go?

This is a collaborative post with Vertbaudet.