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Goosebumps Slappy make up tutorial #GoosebumpsParty

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We've got a great for you today for fans of Goosebumps Slappy - how to turn yourself into Slappy!

We have a great tutorial today, perfect for anyone who loves the Goosebump books; we have a free printable that is going to tell you how to create a likeness for Goosebumps Slappy.

Slappy is one of the most loved villians from the Goosebumps series (Amazon UKUS), and a key protagonist in the Goosebumps DvD. He is a ventriloquist’s dummy, who R. L. Stine, the author of the Goosebumps series, was inspired to create by the Adventures of Pinocchio.

Slappy is a perfect character for Halloween, or indeed any Goosebump inspired party, and is surprising easy to create.

  1. Cover face with paler skin foundation (or face paint), add darker tone to eyelids & below eyebrows,
  2. Draw around eyebrows with black pencil; colour in as per Slappy’s eyebrow shape. Smudge if needed,
  3. Apply glitter eye shadow in light flesh/orange/pink,
  4. Use eye liner pen to fill the space at end of your eye lid behind the lashes,
  5. Use this pen to draw line on the top of eye just outside the corner of the eye to the edge of the nose,
  6. Draw another line using the pen below the eye, to 1cm away from the nose,
  7. Use black powder to add faint shadows to the edge and the end of the nose. Smudge if needed,
  8. Accentuate the cheek bones, both to the side and below, and the middle of top lip, by adding further shadows with black powder. Brush if needed,
  9. Add red lipstick,
  10. Draw two lines from the edge of the lips down to the bottom of the chin with a black pencil to create Slappy’s mouth,
  11. Use pencil to draw the shape of Slappy’s hair on the side of your face and forehead. Fill in with black face paint, and
  12. Add the crack in the chin, and blemish on the end of the nose using black powder again.

Your Goosebumps Slappy face is ready to take on the world!

If you would like to print this out, here is a download for you as well; so you can take it with you to the make-up table ;-)

Do you love the Goosebumps books? Here is a tutorial for Goosebumps Slappy from the books and the movie; something great for Halloween and beyond. Scare your friends now!
Click on this image to download a pdf of this Goosebumps Slappy tutorial

Remember, Goosebumps is out on DVD so don’t forget to check it out whilst you work on your tutorial. Jack Black is, of course, his usual awesome self in the film.

Goosebumps is out on DvD, and it really is as awesome as the books. We have a Slappy makeup tutorial for you to try. But don't forget to buy the DvD as well!

Buy on Amazon: UK / US

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